Friday, October 23, 2015

Themed Thursday - October 21: Blood & Gore

nothing to disclose 

Hi, guys! I'm really excited to share today's mani! So much so that I'm staying up late to edit and write this! Glad it's Friday tomorrow (er, today?) ;) I'm speed typing so I can finish this up before my melatonin kicks in and I pass out on the keyboard!

In yesterday's post I promised (well, I said I'd try!) to get caught up on my Themed Thursday posts and fortunately, I had a huge stroke of inspiration when I got home from the gym and painted my Blood & Gore mani!

I had this idea jumping around in my head of a broken down body showing various aspects of it so I did a few sketches to try and organize my thoughts and have a plan of attack for painting these. I was a little bit intimidated by these as I wanted them to be a little bit painterly, a little bit cutesy, while also being staying within the theme of Blood & Gore. I think I hit the first two items, but I'm not sure how bloody or gorey these are...maybe just the fact that the insides are on the outsides counts?

In case its hard to tell what each finger is, heres the breakdown. The index finger is brains (and the dead guy attached to them!), middle finger is the rib cage and heart, ring is the gut (intestines, liver, etc.), pinky is muscle, and the thumb is a representation of the vascular system (veins).

I started with several different base polishes - from the thumb to pink: Zoya's Aspen, China Glaze's S'More Fun, Zoya's Black Swan, China Glaze's Change Your Altitude (which ultimately got painted over), and China Glaze's My Lodge or Yours.

I then used acrylic paints for all the detailing. I did the basic colors and outlines first, and then added shading and dimension with lighter or darker colors in the same hues to create each nail. I'm really proud of these! And, sorry, every mani this month seems to be mattified...but it had to be done!

I think you can probably tell that I like this mani, but I'd love to hear what you think about it! Sorry it's not more bloody or gore-y ;)

Happy Polishing and check out the hashtag #themedthursdayoct to see what everyone else did for today!