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I'm Lindsey and I like nail polish! I currently reside in Southern California and practice engineering by day and nail polish hoarding by night. I'm positive that nail polish is one of those items that you can never have too much of and I will talk your ear off about it if you're not careful. I also type way more than I should and my blog posts tend to be stream of consciousness ramblings. **If you'd like to read EVEN MORE (yes, I sure can talk about myself a lot), head over to my "Queen" post on The Digital Dozen!**
Hey, that's me!
I started Wondrously Polished in November of 2012 as a creative outlet -- a way for me to relax, express myself, and find something I was truly passionate about. Wondrously Polished has become something I am very proud of and I spend a tremendous amount of time trying to create content that you, my fabulous readers, will enjoy.

So why nail art and not art in a more conventional medium (like oil on canvas or something)? Well, I came across an online forum dedicated to all things nail art and I was immediately inspired and hooked on the idea. I purchased one of my first non-red polishes soon after that and realized just how much I could do on my nails. I think that part of my love for nail art is that I have a small canvas. It's much less intimidating than a regular canvas! I also get to walk around all day and appreciate what I've created and share it easily with others.
My boyfriend of 8+ years -- we're high school sweethearts! I still like AND love that guy ;) -- is most immediately affected by my nail art habits. From day one he has urged me to pursue my hobby and often adds polishes to my collection or helps me decide on colors or designs to do. Our dog, Fonzi, is our baby (yes, we're those kind of people that call their dog their kid ;) ) and I often can't resist sharing photos of his cute mug. 
My parents, younger sister, and friends are also a major part of this blog as they are always providing feedback and advice (often at my nagging). I love them all! 

While nail art has consumed my life, I do enjoy a lot of other things and will happily talk with anyone about anything.

I'm a bibliophile and adore everything about books and reading and I enjoy watching an entire TV series in one sitting. I love the rain with a scary passion...like, seriously...I have an app on my phone that is just the sound of rain. It makes my soul happy! I love nature and being outdoors. At the risk of sounding like a nature freak, I never feel happier and more content than when I'm enjoying this awesome world. Cute things make me squeal. I can't control it. It's a visceral reaction. I love to travel and have been a few places outside of the US and would travel the world if I could.

I love having meaningful conversations with people and really struggle with maintaining small talk. I think people sometimes think I'm a jerk because of that...I promise I'm really nice! I'm just super awkward. I apologize in advance ;) 

I love helping others out if I can. I have a TON of tutorials that I've done in the past, but if those aren't explained well enough, shoot me a message and I'd be more than happy to discuss the tips and tricks I've acquired since starting this blog. I want everyone out there to feel like they can do whatever they want when it comes to their art so I'll happily share what I know.

I hope you enjoy your visit to my little corner of the internet and I hope you'll visit again! :)

Happy Polishing :)


  1. Can you tell me what brushes you use? When you do the designs, do you use pain or nail polish only?

  2. Hi Lindsey!!! You are awesome, mind blowing and a wonderful person. This lil corner of Internet is one of my very favorite space from now. Just loved your art and more how you share it ;-). Will learn a lot from you. Thank you. :-)

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