Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Doctor Lacquer - Chromahedron Collection: Swatches & Review

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Hello, all! I have a very exciting set of polishes to share with you today! The fall collection by Doctor Lacquer is available now and I've got swatches! This collection is named Chromahedron and is inspired by the lesser known semi-precious gems. I have to say, if any of these gems are available, I might just have to go one of each because they're beautiful!

The collection consists of 8 holographic polishes packed with tiny shimmer flakies. Each color handles the holo and flakies differently which makes the collection so much fun. I'm really in love with the look of all these together!

Apatite is a cerulean blue linear holo with bright blue and gold shimmer. I love love love blue and gold together and this is a beautiful combo. Great formula, 2 coats.

Iolite is a deep indigo blue linear holo with a sparkle of dark blue shimmer. This one is a beauty as well and had an easy formula - shown is 3 coats, thought 2 was almost perfect.

Diopside is a kelly green linear holo with a green and gold shimmer. This is a fun one! I love a great green. Shown is 3 coats as there was a bit of patching on the second but nothing unmanageable.

Tsavorite is a rich and dark emerald green linear holo with what looks like a violet/blue shimmer. This might be my favorite of the bunch...it's just so pretty! Great formula, just 2 smooth coats needed.

Alamandine is a deep burgundy linear holo with a sparkly taupe shimmer. This has an almost metallic finish to it and sports a nice formula like the rest of the collection. Shown is 3 coats though 2 were probably fine.

Rhodolite is a light magenta linear holo with a flash of red and gold shimmer. Since this is a lighter hue, it was a tad sheer for the first coat or two, but the 3rd coat finished off the look nicely.

Spessartine is a terracotta orange linear holo and a peachy sparkling of shimmer. I enjoy a nice orange polish and this is a nice shade for the season. Shown is 3 coats.

Taaffeite is a vivid purple linear holo with a blue and purple shimmer. I like this one quite a bit! Easy enough formula to work with and shown is 2 coats.

Overall, as I stated before, I'm really loving this collection. The formulas were lovely and the colors are just beautiful. I like that the holo and flakies don't overpower the colors and there is a nice balance between the flakes and holo. All around just a nice, nice collection.

You can purchase the entire Chromahedron collection (or indivicual shades) directly from the Doctor Lacquer site now. Be sure to follow Doctor Lacquer on your favorite social media page to stay up to date with the latest collections and promotions!

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How do you like this set of polishes? Are you a fan of the gem stones shades and the holo/flakie mix? Let me know! :)

Happy Polishing!