Sunday, September 14, 2014

Vegan Cuts Nail Box - Swatches and Review

Hello, all! I've got a review of an awesome nail box today! The website Vegan Cuts (a site dedicated to bringing you vegan and cruelty free products) has curated a nail box packed full of vegan/cruelty free polishes and products at a great price. I'm really quite pleased with the quality and content of this box. Let's take a look, shall we? 

I LOVE this soft dusty pink creme that I know will transition well between all the seasons. As you may know, I'm not a pink person. But oh man, this is such a "me" shade. The formula was creamy and smooth and only needed 2 coats to reach opacity which is wonderful with a light pink shade like this. The box comes with either this pink shade or with L'Age d'Or which is nice gold shade. 
Retail price: $11/bottle
A coral creme, Just This One is another polish with a fantastic formula. Great application and the color was lovely. Just a solid, classic coral red. Shown is 3 thin coats. 
Retail price: $11/bottle
The website states that this is a turquoise shade, but it's definitely more of a powdery sky blue with a nice subtle iridescent shimmer. This is a thermal polish (which I didn't realize at first) and it shifts from deep sky blue when cold, to light baby blue to white when hot. The formula on this was amazing. Completely smooth and self leveling. Shown is 3-4 coats. 
Retail price: $10/full size bottle 
Here is is with the thermal effect - middle and ring finger shows the color when hot and the index and pinky when cold. 
NWNM is a vibrant shade of dark blue with a lovely iridescent shimmer underneath. For this box, you'll get one of the 6 shades from the Midsummer Night's Dream collection in mini. This particular polish had a great formula and I've shown it with 3 coats. 
Retail price: $8/full size bottle
I am pleasantly surprised by these nail wraps. I'm not typically a fan of nail wraps - the nail shapes are never quite the right size for my nail beds - but these were quite nice. These wraps are applied using heat (so with a hair dryer), which is a bit of a production, but it's not the end of the world. I really appreciated that there were wider nail shapes available on this sheet, though I still wasn't able to find a perfect match for every nail. However, there are several very large nail shapes (presumably for fitting toes) which could potentially be trimmed down to whatever size you like. These boast a long wear life but the nature of my hobby (nail blogging) doesn't allow for wearing that long so I can't speak to that. For the price, these seem worth it to me. I really liked them! 
Retail price: $8/package of 24 vinyl nail wraps
As I mentioned, some nails didn't have a perfect match - see nail edge showing on ring finger and partly on middle finger. 
The final item in this box is a delicious smelling cuticle balm! The balm itself was moisturizing without being too waxy and annoying once it's rubbed in (some balms leave my hands feeling sticky). I also really liked the easy "chap-stick" style of this product which allowed for easy application. This will now be living in my purse for those moments where my cuticles are in dire straights. 
Retail price: $4.82/tube
Additionally, there was an adorable limited edition "Vegan Cuts" nail file included, as well as a sample packet of La Fresh Acetone Free nail polish remover (which I used before applying the nail wraps) in this box. 

I am really impressed by this box. I love that all the products are Vegan and cruelty free. The price is also wonderful. The box is priced at $24.95, but you're getting close to $46 worth of product. Can't go wrong with almost half off of retail. 

You can purchase this box now through the Vegan Cuts website :) Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram for the latest Vegan product deals as well! 

What do you think of this box? Is it something you could see yourself splurging on? 

Happy Polishing! :)