Thursday, December 31, 2015

Polished for Days - New Years Duo: Swatches

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Hi all! A VERY Happy New Year to everyone! I just want to thank each and every one of you guys that spent time reading and looking at my blog this year. It is so very appreciated. :)

Today I have swtaches of a fun new New Years duo by one of my favorite brands, Polished for Days! This duo is sold only as a pair but I think both of them are quite nice so having both in your collection should be no problem at all ;)

For those who don't know Polished for Days, this is a 5-Free, Vegan friendly, and cruelty free company which is always great to support. Let's take a look!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Themed Thursday - December 20: Candy Canes

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Hey all! SUPER quick post today as I'm hustling to finish up all my last minute holiday things! I've got the next round of Themed Thursday to share today! Candy Canes!

Well, these aren't quite candy canes, more like those little peppermint mints that you get from restaurants! But they still remind me of this time of year :)

Monday, December 21, 2015

LVX - Winter Resort 2016: Swatches & Review

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Hey all! I've got swatches of the stunning Winter Resort 2016 polishes by LVX to share with you today and boy are they beauties! LVX always manages to create collections with incredibly versatile color palettes. While I absolutely see a "winter" collection in this set of polishes, I can also pull each polish out separately and see myself wearing it year round. That in my opinion is the mark of a great collection.

For those who don't know, LVX is a 7-Free (I know! Awesome, right?), vegan friendly, and cruelty free nail polish brand that focuses on bringing you luxury and fashion without compromises. They find inspiration from high fashion and offer shades in the top colors of the season. So...let's take a look!

Themed Thursday - December 17: Santa Claus & Friends

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Hi Guys! Another short and sweet post because I am exhausted! I've been so busy but I've got a bunch of Themed Thursday posts coming your way as well as a few more reviews so let's dig in! :D

So this Themed Thursday post is actually meant for last Thursday, December 17th but I was super busy and just emotionally drained so the idea of doing nail art was just...bleh! Not going to happen! Anyhow - I am SO excited about how today's manicure turned out! The theme for the 17th was Santa and Friends so I of course had to paint Santa and his Reindeer!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Christmas

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Hi, everyone! I've got a few posts to share today so they'll be short and sweet but still full of drool worthy photos, I promise ;)

I'm slightly behind, but this week for the 40 Great Nail Art Idea challenge, we're all taking on the theme of Christmas! I know we're still a week out from the holiday, but it's still fun to have all the themed manis out before the big day!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Ginger + Liz - Holiday Trio: Swatches, Review, & Nail Art

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Hi, all! I have swatches from Ginger + Liz to share with you all today! This is my second time trying out their polishes and I have to say, I'm a huge fan. This collection once again showed their

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Cirque Colors - Metropolis Collection, December: Swatches & Nail Art

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Hello, all! I have another post to share with you today! Continuing along with our swatches of the FANTASTIC Cirque Metropolis collection, I have December's creme to share today! You can never go wrong with any polish by Cirque (in my opinion - they're one of my favorite brands!) and this is no exception!

Paint All The Nails: Secret Santa Edition

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Hello, my friends! I have an extra special edition of Paint All the Nails to share today! Usually our group votes on one theme and each of us comes up with our own manicure inspired by that theme. However, this month, we're doing a special Secret Santa edition! That means, each of us were assigned another group member to be inspired by! Essentially, it was an amazing opportunity to pour over past posts from our talented members and really appreciate all they're capable of creating with nail art <3

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Salon Perfect Season's Greeting Giveaway - Limited Edition Holiday Polishes

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Hi guys!! I have a SUPER exciting post for you all today! I have teamed up with the generous folks over at Salon Perfect to help host an awesome holiday polish giveaway!! There will be not one, but FOURTEEN (14) winners who will each receive their very own set of these polishes. How awesome is that!? In addition to the 4 glitter polishes, you'll also receive a bottle of Salon Perfect's signature white polish, Sugar Cube and a bottle of Salon Perfect's Top Coat (my favorite top coat EVER).

These 4 shades are all limited edition and will not be available or sold in stores. So, that means that the only way to get your polishes hands on these is by winning a set! I swatched these babies to give you an idea of what you'll be winning so let's take a quick look.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Themed Thursday - December 13: Gingerbread

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Hey, all! I'm going to keep things short and sweet today because I am EXHAUSTED! I've been a painting and photo/video editing machine all weekend and let me tell you - it's a ton of work!

Today I've finally got my Themed Thursday post (special Sunday edition!) ready to share on time! It's a Christmas miracle! Today's challenge prompt was gingerbread! I went back and forth on whether I should paint gingerbread men or their houses...or both? Ultimately though, I got inspired by this print and decided to just go with all gingerbread houses! Besides, they're the fun part of winter desserts ;)

Saturday, December 12, 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Winter

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Well, hello, hello! I have finally gotten my act together enough this week to get back to posting with the fabulous ladies that contribute to the 40 Great Nail Art Ideas each week! As we're getting close to the official first day of winter, we've gone with a theme guessed it, winter!

I decided to go with something a bit non-traditional for my winter look, though because it's a fair isle print christmas sweater style look, I figured it still very much counts for winter!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Polished for Days - Holiday Collection: Swatches, Review & Nail Art

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Happy Thursday, all! I have had such an insanely busy work week but I'm finally getting to share some beautiful new polishes from one of my favorite indies, Polished for Days! The Holiday Collection consists of 6 shades thoughtfully curated to get you through the holiday season...though I think there are quite a few polishes in this collection that will be worn year round by yours truly!

Polished for Days is 5-Free, Cruelty free, and Vegan friendly...let's take a look!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Themed Thursday - December 6th, Chanukah

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Hello, all! I've got a super short and sweet post to share with you today! I'm playing a bit of catch up because I was under the weather over the weekend and wasn't able to post my special edition Sunday Themed Thursday post.

Sunday was the first day of Hanukah so it felt only right to do a Chanukah inspired mani as one of our challenge prompts!

Monday, December 7, 2015

SugarLOOM Cosmetics - Fair Isle Print Nail Art

press sample

Hello all! Is everyone getting excited for the holidays? I know not everyone celebrates, but I love the opportunity to be inspired by the decorations, the scenery, and just the season in general. With that in mind, I've got some festive nail art to share with you today and I'm in love with how it turned out!

If you'll recall, last week I reviewed the 4 polishes from the SugarLOOM Cosmetics Holiday gift set, A Sparkly Staycation. While I really liked the entire collection, I especially loved Fuzzy Sweater, a deep magenta textured polish. I also loved the name as it brought to mind Fair Isle fuzzy naturally I had to paint that over this!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Themed Thursday - December 3rd: Ornaments

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Hi, all! So incredibly excited about this month's Themed Thursday challenge prompts! Kelli and I came up with a special edition Holiday themed challenge this month and we'll be posting on both Thursdays AND Sundays! I can not wait!

Our first prompt is "presents/ornaments" and I ended up going with the latter part of the prompt - so here are my ornament nails!