Monday, December 7, 2015

SugarLOOM Cosmetics - Fair Isle Print Nail Art

press sample

Hello all! Is everyone getting excited for the holidays? I know not everyone celebrates, but I love the opportunity to be inspired by the decorations, the scenery, and just the season in general. With that in mind, I've got some festive nail art to share with you today and I'm in love with how it turned out!

If you'll recall, last week I reviewed the 4 polishes from the SugarLOOM Cosmetics Holiday gift set, A Sparkly Staycation. While I really liked the entire collection, I especially loved Fuzzy Sweater, a deep magenta textured polish. I also loved the name as it brought to mind Fair Isle fuzzy naturally I had to paint that over this!

Because this is a textured polish, I was actually very curious to find out how easily I could paint over the finish. I of course started with a base of Fuzzy Sweater and then with white craft acrylic paint and my detaling brush, I painted both the reindeer and the snowflakes.

Surprisingly, it wasn't too tricky to paint over the rough textured finish and I actually found that the paint stuck nicely to it! I did have to do a couple layers in a few places but nothing too crazy. I finished it up with a coat of top coat to fill in the texture, and then I followed that with a coat of matte top coat.

Fair Isle print is one of my favorite things about this time of year (I've done a few looks in the past). Nothing feels quite like winter to me as this print's perfect :)

There is still plenty of time between now and the holidays to grab the SugarLOOM Sparkly Staycation collection (plus, while supplies last, you'll receive 4 polishes instead of 3 in the gift set!). You can get yours here.

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I'd love to hear what you think of the design! Have you done any version of a Fair Isle print before?