Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Roses for my nubbins

Nothing to Disclose

Whew! We made it through Monday! I had a pretty major break on my ring finger (yet again!) tonight and thought that I wasn't going to want to do any nail art tonight out of pure mourning of my nail breakage. However, once I trimmed down the rest of my nails, it felt so cleansing and cathartic to have fresh and short nails that I was inspired to try something out.

I always forget how much I love my nubs. I think most people can relate to having short nails so it's always nice to do some art on short nails. I know it's not everyone's taste, but I love short nails! Nubbin' club for life! ;)

I think you all know by now my love of weird colors and uncommon color combos and tonight is yet another funky color palette. Zoya's Alexa was the cause of tonight's art. I painted my base and was fully prepared to let my nails be after that...however, I noticed just how fantastic my coral, yellow and teal acrylic paint looked next to it...so of course I had to use them all!

This look is your basic rose mani and there are tons of tutorials online that you can use if you ever want to do roses. I definitely do not have any insight to add to the rose area of nail art ;) I used a detail brush for this but I know they'd be doable with a dotting tool or a toothpick.

And! Tonight I actually painted both my hands! I usually leave the house unbalanced with one hand painted a solid color and one a crazy design and it's always a bit silly. Such is the plight of the nail artist.

So, any other weird color combo lovers out there?? ;)

Happy Polishing! :)