Saturday, March 1, 2014

Um, yes. More floral!

Happy Saturday, all! Sorry for my gap in posts lately! Because of the boyfriend's work schedule, I don't see him from Saturday/Sunday to Wednesday night. This typically means that I'll post Sunday-Tuesday and then I disappear for a few days so I can catch up with him for a few days. I usually try to get a mani in here and there during his days off, but this week I ended up catching some sort of sickness and have just been feeling lousy all weekend. 

I am also trying to make some positive changes in my life in regards to my health! I just joined a gym and will be working with a personal trainer for 16 weeks and I'm excited to see where that takes me. Hopefully I'll end up with a smokin' hot bod ;) This, however, means that my nail art time might be cut down a bit. I'm hoping not, but we'll see how things pan out. I just know I need to take care of myself and be healthy so I can continue to paint flowers on my nails for years to come :D 

So yes, more floral nail art tonight! I am the "floral queen" after all, so I don't want to lose my crown :p 
Once again, Pinterest has brought me inspiration. It led me to the Leah Duncan's Etsy shop and this really pretty (and vintagey) floral print. I'm really loving pink and navy together lately and I think that's why I was so drawn to this pattern. 
I used Habit's Blue Velvet as a base which was sent to me for review many months back but I still love the color so much. I used my trimmed down detail brush (I took a picture of it in this post) to paint the pink flower portion first with my melon colored acrylic paint. I followed it up with the white outlining and stem sections and finished the look off with the green centers (in Milani's Showy Sea-Green) and the leaves in a baby blue acrylic paint. 
I really love how these came out. They feel so feminine and vintage but still fresh and fun. What do you think of these?
Hope you're all having a fantastic weekend! Happy Polishing :)