Sunday, November 29, 2015

SugarLOOM Cosmetics - A Sparkly Staycation: Swatches & Review

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Hello, all! I have swatches of the beautiful and festive Holiday collection by SugarLOOM Cosmetics to share today! A Sparkly Staycation consists of 3 shades available as a limited edition holiday gift set and for the first 20 purchases, a bonus polish will also be included for the price of three! Additionally, if you purchase the set (or any shades from SugarLOOM), you'll receive 15% off + free shipping - use code SUGARLOOMFIX! Just be sure to use the code soon because it expires end of day Monday, 11/30.

SugarLOOM is 5 free, non-toxic, and cruelty-free. Each shade is curated and dreamed up by founder, Nitya, and aims to combine a love of nature and fashion with each color (as a nature and polish lover, I especially appreciate that last bit). Additionally, every package I have received from SugarLOOM has been beautifully wrapped and sealed with a wax emblem! Really unique and just fun to open!

I always love a well done holiday collection that looks incredible both as a set of polishes or as individual shades and this collection manages that. I can also see myself using these shades in the future even after the season's end. They'll make great stocking stuffers or general gifts for your girlfriends! The possibilities are endless, really :) The square bottles and matte black caps make for a really attractive look and will be a great addition to anyone's collection (whether they have 2 or 100 polishes). Let's take a look!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Delush Polish - The Winter Quartet: Swatches & Nail Art

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Hello, all! I have a fab set of Holiday shades from Delush Polish to share with you today! The Winter Quartet boasts 4 holiday inspired shades that are available in full size, mini, or as part of a great limited edition gift box set. If you decide to go for the gift set, you'll get the 4 shades shown below, a choice of 1 seasonal scented cuticle oil, and a Delushous Crystal Glass Nail File all wrapped up in a festive gift box.

Additionally, Delush's Black Friday deals will be running from 11/25-11/30 and you'll receive 20% off your entire order (as well as double rewards points from the Delush site, just use code DPGIVESTHANKS). So, let's get to it and check out the set!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

China Glaze - Cheers Holiday Collection: Swatches & Review

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Hello, hello! It's Tuesday which is usually my least favorite day of the week...however, when Tuesday's mean new China Glaze swatches to look at, I think it makes the day a whole lot better! The new Cheers Holiday collection is out now and I have swatches of the entire set of polishes for you all to take a look at!

China Glaze is without a doubt one of my favorite brands and I'm always so impressed by how they manage to come up with so many cohesive and fun collections each season. I'm really enjoying this holiday collection as there seems to be a little bit of everything - shimmers, cremes, micro-glitters, crellies, glitter toppers...lots of pretty things to swoon over. Let's take a look!

Don't you just love how the whole collection looks together!? I can't get enough of it!

Monday, November 23, 2015

KBShimmer - Winter 2015: Swatches & Review

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Hello, all! Hope the start of your week is going well! It's a short work week here in the States because this Thursday is Thanksgiving (aka my favorite holiday ever!). I love being able to catch up with family and we spend the entire time laughing and eating so I really couldn't be happier! Nothing better than that ;)

Today I have swatches of some of the fab new KBShimmer Winter polishes. I am always smitten with the polishes that Christy and her team dream up each season and love that they have such a great variety. They really create something for every one! Let's take a look! And, seeing as we're coming up on a big gifting holiday, be sure to check out my past KBShimmer posts to see if there are any other shades that might tick a few items off your list!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Zoya - Matte Velvet, Holiday Collection: Swatches & Review

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Hello, all! I have the new Zoya Matte Velvet Holiday collection to share with you today! I am always excited when Zoya releases a new matte collection as they usually manage to do a great job of it and this time is no different.

The shimmer in each of these polishes keeps them exciting and fun while on the nail and the flat matte finish really lends itself to the overall frosty, wintery feel of this collection. Let's take a look!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Guest Post - Very Emily

Hey everyone! I'm super excited about today's post!...but, you'll have to head on over to Very Emily to check it out ;) Let me know what you think!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Cirque Colors - Metropolis Collection, November: Swatches, Review, & Nail Art

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Hey, all! Hope you had a great Monday!! Today I'm continuing along with swatches from one of my favorite brands, Cirque Colors! Each month Cirque releases shades as part of their Metropolis collection, a series of STUNNING creme shades and I can honestly say that I've loved every single one of them so far.

Today brings us the November installment of the collection and I'm swept off my feet yet again!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Fall Berries Nail Art

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Hey all! Hope you're having a great Sunday (or Monday morning!). I've spend the day in my pj's enjoying some nail polish and chatting with friends across the country. The fiance is currently watching football, the dogs are passed out on the couch, and I'm writing up this post! Yay! Later I'll do some of my normal Sunday chores like laundry and planning out my week (which I actually really enjoy the ritual of!).

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Doctor Lacquer - Jingle X3, Holiday Collection: Swatches & Review

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Hi, all! I have the new Doctor Lacquer Holiday themed collection, Jingle X3 to share with you all today! This is inspired by the characters of the movie Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer. I've review Doctor Lacquer a few times so I was excited to see the winter shades!

Now, I will say, when I first saw this collection out of context, I was super confused - haha! I was a bit perplexed by how this was a holiday collection. However, after being shown Rudolph and the Gang, everything came together for me!

The first five polishes in the collection are thermals, meant to change color in the bitter cold of winter. However, since I live in Southern California, my hands don't often get bone cold (and sorry guys, but I'm too big a wimp to leave my hands in an ice bucket for long!) because of that, I don't have colors that show the thermal shift. I've spoken with Angelyn (the genius behind Doctor Lacquer) about this and she said the color shift is meant to happen when it's very cold weather and will be a little bit of umph when you're feeling cold. I will mention the color it shifts to when cold though.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Black & White

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Hi, all! Hope you're having a nice weekend! I've got a short and sweet post for right now that is part of the next round of posts for 40 Great Nail Art Ideas! This week all the ladies are taking on the color prompt of Black and White while each doing our own unique pattern prompt.

My prompt this week is "Dots"! I wasn't quite sure how I wanted to tackle this one but when I searched google for 'black and white dot art' a bunch of Aboriginal artwork popped up and I knew I wanted to do something inspired by that.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Themed Thursday - November 5th: Leaves

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Hello, hello! It's been a whirlwind week but I hope you all had a great Halloween weekend! It's finally November (aka the best month of the year, aka my birthday month!!) and that means my BFF Kelli from The Nail Polish Challenge and I have another set of Themed Thursday prompts to share and partake in!