Friday, October 17, 2014

The Digital Dozen does Floral - Day 5: Dabbed Flower Nail Art

Squeee! I am so freaking stoked that I made it through Digital Dozen week ON TIME! This hasn't happened in ages and I'm hoping this will be a trend in the future :) I think today's mani is definitely my favorite of the week and I'm excited to be finishing off the week with something I really like. Today's looks is roughly inspired by this pin :) 

This look isn't overtly 'floral' but I think it's still reasonable to call it floral. Right? Regardless, this is Day 5 of Floral week and I love this mani. I apologize in advance for the especially long post - I couldn't narrow down my photos very well! And read through to the end of the post to see the video of how I created this look!
I'm not quite sure what style this would be. I've used a similar technique before (like my black and white Beauty Buffs look), but I'm not sure if there is actually a name for this method. For now, I'll just have to call them dabbed flowers...unless anyone with more artistic knowledge knows what to call it?
I started out with a base of Zoya's Heather and let that dry. Then, with burgundy, light purple and green acrylic paints, I sponged on a gradient to act as an interesting base for this look. If you don't have acrylic paints, Zoya's Toni and Heather and China Glaze's Def Defying would be excellent substitutes.
With a thin detail brush and white acrylic paint, I dabbed the first six or so center petals, then slowly and carefully began working my way outward. On some nails I added another flower center that would eventually merge and hit the other extending flower petals. If you give this a shot, just make sure to take it slow and be deliberate with your dabs - you don't want to dab the wrong spot and screw up the evenly spaced details.
As I mentioned above, here is a quick little video that shows the break-down of the dabbing portion of this manicure. I prefer white acrylic paint because I have more control over my line work.

So what do you think? Does this seem like something you might want to attempt? How are you liking the videos I'm including? Did you have a favorite mani from this week? Don't miss out on the final DD looks from the rest of the group so be sure to check out the inlinkz for today!
Happy Polishing :)