Monday, April 14, 2014

NAGG - Day 3: Warm vs. Cool

Yay! Time for another post! Moving along with the Nail-Art-A-Go-Go challenge, day three's theme is Warm vs. Cool, meaning, warm color tones vs cool color tones. I once again turned to google to spark my imagination and came across this awesome sunset collage. I love that a sunrise/sunset over the ocean provides such a lovely warm vs. cool contrast that can be experienced daily so it felt like the perfect subject for today's theme. 

I initially attempted to replicate the scrap paper effect you see in the collage, but decided against it and came up with this layered line look instead. I quite like how these turned out! They're abstract but I think you can still tell what they are. 
This entire look is done using a series of lines and it was pretty simple to create. I started with a few dark blue lines to start off the ocean and then underlined those with lighter and lighter shades of blue polish. I followed this same idea with the sky, using a dark orange first and progressing to lighter oranges and yellows. I used a combination of polish and acrylics for this, so let me know if there is any color you're curious about and I'll let you know :) 
What do you think of this look? It reminds me of a style of art but I don't quite know what...any thoughts? Be sure to head over to The Nail Art Show to see Mireia's look for today's theme (I'm sure it will be fantastic!). Don't forget to check back a little bit later to check out my final post for the day...I know, 3 posts in one day is insane! 
Happy Polishing :)