Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April's "The Glitter Box" - Review, Swatches & Nail Art

Hello, all! I've got some swatches of this month's collection from "The Glitter Box" as well as some nail art to go along with them! I'm trying to do nail art in conjunction with swatches as often as I can now, and though it's incredibly time consuming, I'm loving being inspired by these gorgeous indies. 

I reviewed March's Glitter Box last month and was so excited to get the opportunity to do so again this month as I'm loving these indie makers. Once again, this box includes a polish from The Juice Box Lacquer and Kawaii Lacquers (though Fat Lacquers is on hiatus since she just had a baby - congrats!), with the guest indie being Lavish Polish

I apologize in advance, this is a pic heavy post because I was so excited about these!
Candy on a Cloudy Day - The Juice Box Lacquer
I LOVED this polish! As you might have noticed by now, I'm a total sucker for greys and the fact that this is a cremey grey packed full of neon hex, circle and micro glitters is just the icing on top for me. Shown is 2 coats with glitter placement (which isn't always required unless you want lots of larger glitters like I have shown). The formula was easy to work with and I just really enjoyed this polish. 
As I mentioned above, I'm attempting more nail art with my swatches, but since I loved this polish on its own so much, I wanted to show case that and do an accent with my nail art. So, I decided on a neon green ruffian look! I've never actually done a ruffian mani so now I can also check that off my list of things to try ;) 
Cloudy with a Chance of Nimbus - Kawaii Nail Lacquer
This is a beautiful silver-blue-grey holographic polish that is a bit on the sheer side, but as you can see, still very buildable in opacity. I don't own many holos so whenever I get my hands on them I can't stop starting. This was 3 coats and easy to work with and just a very lovely "April Showers" polish :)
Seeing as this polish is referencing nimbus clouds, I figured I should try and paint some for my nail art! Clouds are tough! I used some white and grey acrylic paint for my attempt and tried to make it look like it was raining in the middle...not sure if I achieved that or not though. 
Flower Child - Lavish Polish
Last, but most certainly not least is Flower Child, a sheer lavender jelly full of bright and spring-y glitters. I really loved this polish. The formula was great (built opacity in 3 thin coats) and the glitter was easy enough to get out (little to no fishing). I think this is a perfect spring and easter polish and hopefully I'll be able to utilize it in my upcoming manis :) 
I think we all know that with a name like "Flower Child" I will be painting some flowers on my nails ;) I so loved how the nail art came out with this! As proved by the silly number of photos I'm about to show of it...I used white acrylic paint and my detail brush to do these. 
I really enjoyed this month's collection. I think there is a great mix of all type of polishes and colors, but they still feel springy and fresh. The formulas were great and easy to work with so there's not complaining there. You can order this month's Glitter Box for $30 so be sure to grab one for yourself if you liked these polishes :) And be sure to follow The Glitter Box on Instagram for the most currently info and promotions! 

What do you think of this collection? Do you have a favorite? 

Happy Polishing :)