Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Velvet Sugar X Wondrously Polished

Happy Tuesday, all! I have a fun collaboration post to share with you today! My childhood friend, Taryn, from the fashion blog Velvet Sugar, recently asked if I wanted to do a collaboration post with her on one of her recent outfits...and I of course said yes! 

While I can easily pick an elaborate polish palette and pattern, I cannot dress myself. I do not have a fashionable bone in me. I try. But I fail. That's why I'm so impressed by what Taryn and her sister Rhi are able to piece together and make "work". I would never in a million years think to pair the items they do together and I'm so envious of that ability. Perhaps it's a skill I can hone?? 

Anyway! Taryn recently grabbed an amazing floral top that she thought I would love to recreate. And she was so right. I LOVE this print and I love the mani to go along with it. 
Isn't she adorable?! These sisters make everything look good.

I actually did my mani prior to seeing Taryn's final photos and outfit which is why I went with a nude base and she has that fantastic teal underneath. Perhaps I'll have to redo this with a great base color like that. 

I did this mani a little over a week ago, and silly me, I didn't write down the base polish that I used. It was definitely a Zoya and I know it was either Chantal or Taylor...but the two look so ridiculously similar to me that I honestly have no clue which one it was anymore. I think it's safe to say these two are dupes of each other. 
I did the flowers with my white acrylic paint and used my trimmed down detail brush for precision. I'm just so please with how simple and clean these look. One of my favorites for sure. 
Be sure to head over to Velvet Sugar if you're looking for your fashion fix and let me know if you like our collaboration! I'm thinking we will have to do this again because I had such a great time with it :) 
What do you think of this look? Can you rock any fashion trend? Actually, don't tell me if you can. I'll be jealous ;) Head over to Velvet Sugar to check out Taryn's post. 

Happy Polishing! :)