Monday, March 3, 2014

Mani Monday - Deb Shops Aztec T-Shirt Inspired

Hello, all! Hope you're surviving your Mondays. I'm struggling a bit with a nasty sickness that won't go away. I just want to go home and sleep! But, at least I've got some fun nails to make up for it? ;) 

This week's Deb Shops inspired mani is one of my favorites that I've done for them so far. As I was doing this look, I wasn't sure if I'd like the final outcome. It can be tough coming up with tutorials that will appeal to not only your own readers, but also the readers of the company you're working for. Sometimes it's tough to find a balance between your style and the style of the reader. I ultimately stress out way more than I should for each tutorial that I do, but in the end, I almost always like what I come up with. Whew, just a little insight into how my silly brain works during a tutorial for someone else ;) 

Anyway! I was inspired by this fantastic studded Aztec print t-shirt, which I've been wearing tons lately. Be sure to head over to the Deb Shops blog, The Perfect Fit, for my step-by-step on this funky tribal look :) 
Happy Polishing :)