Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Digital Dozen does Brands - Day 2: Peet's Coffee and Tea

I can't tell you how nice it is to not be panicking and trying to figure out what to do for the next day of this Digital Dozen Brands challenge! I've only got to come up with one more for Friday and I feel so proud of myself for being on top of things! 

I'm pretty exhausted from the day light savings change Sunday so I'll keep this short and sweet :) Tonight's brand is Peet's Coffee and Tea! They're one of my favorite coffee brands (I NEED my coffee. I try to limit it, but I'm a zombie without it). I think Peet's as a company is pretty conscious of their global impact and try to use sustainable practices and focus energies on fair trade products. On top of that, I love their simple and different logo! I mean, tribal print?? Yes, please! 

I know there are Peet's Coffee houses around, but I don't have one near me so I typically rely on buying their beans from the grocery store. But there is something so wonderful about going and hanging out at a coffee shop. In college I would wind up at the campus coffee shop and study and it was always a great atmosphere. I wonder if I could take my polish collection and go do my nails at one ;) 
I started this mani with a China Glaze's Liquid Leather on my thumb, middle and ring finger, and OPI's A-Piers to be Tan on my index and pinky finger. I did the "Peet's Coffee" lettering with white acrylic paint and the "and tea" portion is China Glaze's Kalahari Kiss. The P logo and the tribal print on my pinky is also done with Kalahari kiss. I really love these colors together. They remind me of different types of coffee :) 
What's your favorite coffee shop? Any cool small mom and pop cafes around you? Are you a tea person? Or, heaven forbid, a no caffeine person?? Just kidding ;)
 Happy Polishing :)