Saturday, September 21, 2013

Review - Sticky Nails Nail Stencils

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We're about to go infomercial up in here, so hang on tight! 

"Want that trendy chevron nail art look, but frustrated you can never get the clean lines you see all the pros wearing? Don't have the patience to hand cut each individual piece of tape to create a fabulous striped mani? Cute heart cutout accent nails still eluding you? If you said yes to any of the above questions then we have got a product for you! Sticky Nails makes it easy to achieve all those elusive and beautiful nail art looks you've been striving for!"

Yes, I really do think this product is a solution to those problems. I LOVE these. Essentially, Sticky Nails are pre-cut tape stencils that allow you to create any number of manicures that would normally require you to painstakingly hand cut pieces of tape to create them. It's a great idea that frankly I'm surprised I haven't seen around more often. I really think that this product will reduce/eliminate frustrations that go along with using tape in manicures and will drastically reduce the amount of time per mani. 

All said and done, this mani took me 20 minutes - a majority of which was spent waiting for my base polish to be completely dry before adding the tape. It was beyond easy to peel the stickers off, stick them to my nail, add my accent color, peel off again and voilà, nail art! 
Image from the Sticky Nails Etsy shop
I got to try out the "Nail Tips" stencils and I used several different sizes of the "Chevron Guides" for this look. The base grey is OPI's French Quarter for Your Thoughts and the green holo is A England's St. George. 
Since St. George is a stunning polish, I had to share some photos of it in direct sunlight. 
When using these, I would make sure to wait longer than feels necessary to add the tape to your base polish. These are really sticky (which is good so you don't get bleeding under the tape!) and will pull up wet polish like it's paid to do it. My other suggestion is to push the tape firmly against your nail right before adding the accent color so that no bleeding underneath occurs. It's a simple step, but it's so important. The only issue I had with these was actually peeling the tape off of the sheet. Some of the stencils took some work to peel away from the paper backing, but it's by no means a deal breaker and was something I could easily manage.
As someone who has done a lot of tape manicures, I think this is a great product and something I will be using for many manicures to come. I would love to see a sheet with tons of striping tape that is pre-cut to a shorter length, maybe an inch or so long, for easy access during striped manicures. I especially recommend these if you get frustrated easily with regular taped manicures. 
Overall, I think this is a great and easy to use product. It does exactly what it claims to with an ease you can't beat. If you'd like to try out Sticky Nails yourself, you can buy them here and they range in price from $7.00 to $10.00 per sheet. You can also check out the Sticky Nails blogspot here

What do you think of these? Do you think a product like this would improve your nail art experience?

Happy Polishing! :)