Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hunt The VMAs - Katy Perry inspired look!

How's everyone's Sunday night going? Did anyone watch the VMAs? I partnered up with The Hunt to do a mani inspired by Katy Perry's VMA dress and I am pleasantly surprised with the outcome :) She wore a leopard print dress that was covered in gold dragonflies and it seemed like such a daunting and tough look to replicate! I tried a few different looks but eventually ended up with leopard print and an accent nail with a gold dragonfly! The dragonfly is actually 6 different stud rhinestones that I got from the Born Pretty Store and it seemed like fate that I had all the right shapes to make this happen!

I used OPI's My Vampire is Buff as the base, Zoya's Flynn as the brown center dot, and black acrylic paint for the outlines. I actually really loved the leopard print so I also painted the accent nail with them!
What do you think of these? Pretty out there but somehow, I think I really like them! ;) 

Happy Polishing :)