Thursday, May 2, 2013

One Love Lacquers Summer Collection Review

*Products provided in exchange for an honest review. Please see my disclosure policy for more info.* 

So excited to share the latest collection from Victoria over at One Love Lacquers! I was lucky enough to review her first Peter Pan Collection and even luckier still that she asked me to review her new summer looks :) 

I am seriously digging the polishes she's come up with this time. They are the perfect summer colors, with neons, glitter, and shimmer, oh my! My soul has been craving colors like these and I am completely in love with them. I suppose that's why they're "One Love" lacquers ;)

Just Peachy is exactly that, peachy and fabulous and peachy! It's a lovely light orange creme jelly (crelly) with some subtle and beautiful gold shimmer to it. The formula was excellent and I had no issues with thickening as I applied more coats. Always a plus in crellies! The shimmer is subtle enough to add just enough interest without going overboard. This is 3 coats.
Just Peachy - Direct sunlight
Just Peachy - Indoor Lighting
I decided to show the rest of the polishes in the collection over a white base color because it really makes the neon pop and I think you get more out of your summer colors. 

Tan Lines is a fabulous neon coral crelly that, if you're blindingly white like I am, will actually improve your tan. This color is so bright and fun that it makes you look tan in comparison. Perhaps the perfect color to ease into summer with. It took 3 coats to opacity and had a great formula. 
Tan Lines - Direct Sunline
Tan Lines - Indoor Lighting
Fly Away is light blue crelly that over the white base color looks baby blue (and I love it). It has small gold, silver, and light blue glitter to add some interest and had an excellent formula. No fishing whatsoever for the glitter and applied great. Shown is 3 coats over white.
Fly Away - Direct Sunlight
Fly Away - Indoor Lighting
Blow My Heart Up quite literally did that. I fell madly and deeply in love with this polish. I'm not normally one for wearing bright pink by itself, but OH MY WORD. I love this polish. It's another neon crelly (3 coats, shown over white) and has purple hexagon and magenta square glitter. It's to die for in my opinion. I think the square glitter sold it for me. I love it. 
Blow My Heart Up - Direct Sunlight
The formula for this was also great, though I did have to fish a bit to get the glitter out. I do think that is to be expected with bigger glitter like this though, so it definitely not a deal breaker. 
Blow My Heart Up - Direct Sunlight
Blow My Heart Up - Indoor Lighting
Yet again, I am completely in love with and enamored by this summer collection. Great formula all around and really fun and bright colors that make you want to go layout by the pool, like yesterday. My picks would definitely be Blow My Heart Up and Fly Away, but I really enjoyed wearing the whole collection.

You can buy One Love Lacquers at Victoria's Etsy shop for $10 for a full bottle, and $5 for a mini.

Happy Polishing :)