Monday, May 13, 2013

May Nail Art Challenge - Doodles!

Is anyone else living in sweltering heat in the middle of May?? It's been so hot here that I have not felt like doing anything at all. Despite it being after 10pm here, it's still 88 degrees! Yikes! Does not bode well for the coming summer. 

I did get my act together to an extent though and finished the next theme for the May Nail Art Challenge. Doodles! I took this very literal and just went for it. I painted the "paper" background first which I actually really loved just plain! 

 I did a base of OPI's My Boyfriend Scales Walls with blue and red lines in Zoya's Yummy and Maura, respectively. I just think these are so cute just simple like this. Keeping with the theme, however, I did add some doodles. 

I thought about attempting these with my paint brush and some black polish but I knew I wasn't going to get the amount of detail I was hoping for. I ended up using a Pilot Precise V5 black pen to do the doodles. I think I should invest in a nail art pen with a fine tip or maybe a better gel pen because, while I managed with this one, it was hard to work with! 
These didn't come out as clean as I hoped they would, but I suppose since they're doodles they can be messy ;)  
Happy Polishing and I hope you've got some cooler weather where ever you're at! :)