Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Clowning Around Birthday Nails!

Hi all! I'm not sure if you'll notice, but I've filed my nails down quite a bit. Tonight I realized that they were the longest they've ever been and I suddenly couldn't live with them anymore. I grabbed my glass file and got to working and then had the strong urge to give myself rounded nails for a change over my normal square shape. 

It feels SO different! I don't know whose hands these are! I think they are growing on me though and I'll live with them for a few days before deciding if I want to go back to my normal shape. I think they make my fingers look narrower? Who knows! 

Anyway, I was craving something fun and bright tonight and I recently adopted Clowning Around by Lush Lacquer and oh my word. It is so beyond fabulous. It has a ton of varying sized neon hex glitter in clear base so you can put it over anything your heart desires. There is absolutely no fishing with this polish ad it is packed full of the neon glitter. I paired this with Zoya's Jacqueline and I am just so in love! It's like a unicorn shook it's majestic mane over my fingers and this magic appeared on them. Or something.

 Since I never seem to be content with just polish these days, I added some round studs from my Born Pretty Store (use code SRL91 for 10% off) and I actually really love this mani. It's so different from what I normally do, yet it's like I have magic on my fingers!
What do you think of my semi rounded nails? Should I keep them or go back to squares?

Happy Polishing! :)