Saturday, February 9, 2013

February Nail Art Challenge - Day: Smooch!

Of all the themes for this month's nail art challenge, I was least excited for this one. I'm not really one to want lips...on my finger nails. I did, however, decide to give it a go and dug around in my nail stamping plates to see if I could find something suitable that could work for this one. Well, not only did I find one lip stamp, I found out that I apparently have an ENTIRE plate of lips. That's 6 different designs! Of lips! Who ever would need that many types of lips stamps is beyond me...although, I did use 4 of them for this design...but that's beside the point! I actually really love this purple by SOPI called Ms. Can't Be Wrong. It's got some really pretty holo/shimmery-ness happening that I love. I let that color lead the way and ended up with these!  

Happy Polishing :)