Monday, February 25, 2013

Free Hand Paisley

If you ever get the strong desire to do free hand paisley print, just stop. Don't let the thought even blossom because let me tell you, it will be the most frustrating evening of your nail arting life! I worked for 3 hours tonight on this mani I while I don't hate every single finger, I dislike pretty much all of them. I HATE when this happens! It was so incredibly difficult to be as intricate as I needed to be in order for these to work. I couldn't get my curves to look clean, my lines straight enough, or my dots even. All around, just frustrating. I almost quit and I almost didn't post these! D:

I did my index finger first and actually really liked how it turned out so I persisted and continued on to the rest of my nails. I decided that, while I like the look of my index finger, I should probably mix up the design and do a few different paisley patterns. Well, it turns out that I did not like those other patterns as much as my original :/ By the time I figured this out though, I was way too fed up with the whole design to go back and do all of them in the style of my index finger. Anyway, I have a feeling this mani will only be lasting a day and then we'll be onto something else. But I suppose that's how it goes. Can't love them all ;) 

 Happy Polishing :)