Saturday, July 25, 2015

Polished by KPT - Various Polishes: Swatches, Review, & Nail Art

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Hello, all! I have swatches of some incredibly striking Polished by KPT polishes to share today and I'm so excited about them! While these polishes aren't specific to any particular season, this set of polishes includes a good spread of the pretties that KPT carries in their shop.

KPT carries stunning holos, thermals, glitter toppers, and much more (including so delicious smelling and easy to use cuticle oils!). Overall, I'm really impressed with these polishes and if these 7 are any indicator of the rest of the brand, I think I'll have to add to my newly started KPT collection soon. Let's take a look!

Amellia is a lovely jelly thermal that shifts from a pale, soft blue when warm, to a gentle lilac when cold. This is actually my first ever thermal polish and it was a lot of fun to use! I really like this for extended periods of wear since I tend to get bored with one shade of polish. This would allow me to wear the same polish for several days, but the color changing aspect would keep me interest (I have the attention span of...maybe a dog....or food?). Shown is 3 easy coats.

And here is the cold version.

Meet Me @ Pink is a pastel pink holographic polish that is very elegant and feminine. The holo is a bit more pronounced in the bottle than on the nail, but the subtly of this is still nice. The first coat was pretty sheer, but 3 coats made for an opaque finish.

Mars Escapade is a thermal marsla holo polish when warm, and a nice deep plum when cold. The combo of the holo with the thermo is incredible. I did try to get a picture of the thermal effect, but I kind of failed. Whether it was user error on my part or this polish just changes back to warm quickly I'm not sure. Either way, very pretty.

And here is the cold version.

Audrey is a plum holographic polish with a great formula and a striking finish. I love dark polishes with a little extra something and this is perfect year round in my opinion. I did notice that when I applied the first 2 coats, there was some darker purple pigment floating around on my nail, but the 3rd coat made it disappear. It's possible I just needed to shake the bottle a bit more. Shown is 3 coats.

Nalani is a navy blue jelly packed with holographic microglitter that is essentially a galaxy in a bottle! If a unicorn and a night sky were to make a baby, it would probably me this ;) Or get the idea! The formula was really easy to work with and I've shown 3 coats.

Lumieres is a hard to describe shade! It's' a silver holo but has iridescent shimmer and small iridescent flakies mixed in. It's sheer on the first 1-2 coats, but the 3rd nicely finishes the mani up. This one is a really unique shade and I think I might like it better in person than in photos so that's saying a lot! Shown is 3 coats.

Walk of Fame is a glitter topper with fine holo microglitters and a smattering of various colored hexl and square glitters. While there are a lot of different colors involved in this polish, I like that it's not too overdone. Sometimes the "everything but the kitchen sink" glitters can be really hard to wear, but KPT has managed to find a really nice and clean balance of glitters in this one. Really love it! Shown is 1-2 coats over Amellia.

Since all these polishes are basically the universe in a bottle, I decided to do a simple yet effective galaxy mani using several of these polishes.

Additionally, I got the chance to try out the lavender and the orange scented cuticle oils and I really love these. They come in an easy to use brush pen with a twist up bottom to make it easy to apply. These come in a 2ml and 3.5ml brush.

You can purchase these and many other Polished by KPT shades directly from their website (they have their polishes sorted by finish) and be sure to follow them on your favorite social media site to stay up to date with the latest collections and promotions!

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How do you like these? Have you used any Polished by KPT before? Which one is your favorite? Let me know! And let me know how you like the mini galaxy!

Happy Polishing :)