Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Zoya Seashells Collection: Pixiedust - Swatches

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Alright! Yesterday was the first half of the Zoya Summer collection (the Sunset cremes) and today is the Seashells set! Guess what they are!? Pixiedusts! Yay! In my opinion, Zoya makes the best textured polishes and this set is yet another fun take on them. Let's jump in and enjoy.

Bay is a mermaid blue pixie dust with an insane level of sparkle! It has a gold-green-blue shift to it which was an unexpected and beautiful surprise. Shown is 2-3 smooth coat with no top coat.

CeCe is a clover green pixie dust boasting gold glitter undertones that create a lovely effect. In indirect light these are definitely more green than gold though. Shown is 2 coats.

Linds is a red pixie with gold glitter mixed in. It's a fun take on a red polish and shown is 2 coats. Not going to lie though, kind of bummed that a polish with my namesake isn't in a shade I wear more often...but maybe that just means I need to wear red polish more often? ;)

Zooey is a pale barbie pink and gold pixie. It has some large holo glitters mixed in as well for extra bang. Easy formula and shown is 2 smooth coats.

Tilly is a stunning lavendar tinted silver pixie dust. I really loved this one. It's speckled and just a beauty! Shown is 2 easy coats.

Levi is an elegant gold pixie with a smattering of holo glitters mixed in. Another easy formula and shown is just 2 coats.

I also want to share swatches of two new Hydrating creme lipsticks that were released alongside this collection, Mellie and Candy. Both of these can be bought separate or as a a set with 3 of the creme polishes or pixie dust shades from the summer releases. Both shades are really rich an striking and, while I don't know much about lipsticks, I felt like they applied really nicely and did, in fact, feel hydrating.

You can purchase these and more from the Zoya website now and be sure to follow them on your favorite social media sites to stay up to date with the latest collections and promotions!

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Happy Polishing!