Monday, July 18, 2016

Zoya Sunsets Collection: One Coat Cremes - Swatches

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Hi again! Happy Monday to you all! Is the weekend getting shorter and shorter for anyone else? ;)

I've got the Summer Zoya collections to share today and tomorrow so let's start with the Sunset Collection! I so enjoy the fact that Zoya always does two versions of their collections - a creme set, and a special finish set (shimmer, texture, holo, etc.). This season's cremes are being marketed as "One Coat Cremes" which, for someone without nail ridges (or who uses a ridge filler), could probably get away with. Since I have ridges however, I ended up applying more than 1 coat on all my swatches.

Dory is a beautiful cornflower blue creme. This is that certain shade of blue that also has a weird scent to accompany it. I don't know how to describe it, but many of my ultra vivid blue and purple polishes will have this smell - totally normal! It's got incredible coverage, if on the thick side, and shown is 2 coat.

Ness is a lovely fern green creme that leans slightly candy green. I'm loving the more muted look to this as I think it makes it more wearable on the daily. Super easy formula and shown is 2 coats.

Dixie is a bright, neon leaning, berry pink creme that is FAB. I am seriously digging this shade! I've got it on my toes as I type :D Great formula with great opacity and shown is 2 coats.

Brynn is a hot pink creme that is one of those staple shades everyone should have. Great for summertime. Smooth application and again, just 2 coats needed.

Liv is a dusty grape creme that reminds me of Zoya's Kieko (though this is a touch brighter). Another 2 smooth coats for this one.

Cam is a bright carrot orange creme with another nice, opaque formula. Easy to work with and shown is 2 generous coats.

Overall, I'm very impressed by this set. I would say that these hold up fairly well to Zoya's claim of them being one-coaters. They're very opaque and the formulas are beautiful to work with. If I had used a ridge fill I have no doubt I'd probably be able to get away with just one coat.

The Sunsets Collection (as well as its counterpart, Seashells) is available now from the Zoya website. Be sure to follow on your favorite social media sites to stay up to date with their latest collections and promotions.

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Which shade is call your name?? Let me know :D