Monday, July 11, 2016

Winstonia Store - Berry Wine Brush Set: Review & Nail Art

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Hello again, my friends! I have another brush review to share with you today, this time the Berry Wine fine liner brush set made by Winstonia Store. If you'll recall, yesterday I shared my Bambooristic brush set review (and I loved it), so today we're taking a look at anther detail brush set.

Right off the bat, these visually were a win for me because they're ultra fine liners and something that I have been desperately in search of. In the past, I have purchased nail art brushes and had to trim them down myself to get them thin enough to work with so it's incredibly exciting and refreshing to see something this tiny come direct to my doorstep with no changes required.

However, right out of the "box" these were perfection. I was so excited to try them out and to actually have my high hopes not be smashed to smithereens! Isn't it great when that happens?!

As you can see in the photo above, these product a fine line, and with a delicate hand, you'll be able to make these do anything you want them to. These brushes were made for detail work! Number 4 above shows the comparison of the smallest Berry Wine brush to the smallest Bamboorstic brush to the smallest Rose Noir brush (in that order). The Berry Wine brush is the clear winner for clean, fine lines.

I've done another video for you guys as well. I'm really working hard to try and make my videos more watchable and easy to view. Kelli from @kellimarissa has been helping me out a bunch with tips and tricks for editing and I think I'm starting to get the hang of it...let me know what you think!

The base for this look is LVX's Saffron (which is a HUGE stainer, ugh!) and then I used a white and teal acrylic paint for the details. I topped the look off with a coat of Crystal Clear by Salon Perfect and then a coat of Oh Matte! by KBShimmer. I was directly inspired by this pattern I spotted on Pinterest.

You can purchase the Berry Wine super thin fine liner brush set from the Winstonia Store now. If you use code WP10, you'll receive 10% off of your purchase!

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Happy Polishing :)