Saturday, November 7, 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Black & White

nothing to disclose 

Hi, all! Hope you're having a nice weekend! I've got a short and sweet post for right now that is part of the next round of posts for 40 Great Nail Art Ideas! This week all the ladies are taking on the color prompt of Black and White while each doing our own unique pattern prompt.

My prompt this week is "Dots"! I wasn't quite sure how I wanted to tackle this one but when I searched google for 'black and white dot art' a bunch of Aboriginal artwork popped up and I knew I wanted to do something inspired by that.

I've done some nail art inspired by Aboriginal art in the past and really enjoyed the mellow process of dotting so I thought it could be fun to give that a try again. While, I don't love these as much as the original one I created, this one meets the prompt for the week and that's what matters sometimes ;)

I used a base of Zoya's Willa and then used my detailing brush and white acrylic paint to add the dots in randomly. I didn't use any particular art as my inspiration so these are pretty free-form. I chose to use the paint brush over a dotting tool because I was able to get a more consistently small dots with that instead of the dotter (you can actually see on my index finger where I started with the dotter and then switched tools).

Even though these aren't my favorite, I'd still love to hear your thoughts! Be sure to check out the inlinkz to see what everyone else has done for the day!

Happy Polishing :)