Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Digital Dozen does Recreation Week - Day 3: 2013 Ladies

nothing to disclose

Hello, all! We're continuing right along with the next day of Digital Dozen does Recreations week and I have some manis from the 3 ladies still in the group who joined up in 2013! As the years go on, all of our priorities and interests change so it's only natural that a group like ours will have members coming and going.

Today, I have recreations from 3 talented ladies:

Emily from The Lacquerologist
Laurie from Dressed Up Digits
Shelly from Sassy Shelly

Let's take a look! :)

8. The Lacquerologist: The Digital Dozen does Vintage #4 - Floral Half-Moons
I always love seeing what Emily comes up with each week. She's really great at giving a wide range of manis and always has a fresh review or nail tips and tricks to share on her blog. She's also a diligent and dedicated DD member! This vintage floral mani from her is a fave of not only mine, but also (I think, based on her post) a fave from her as well!

For my look, I used American Apparel's Office and then various orange, pink and green acyrlic paints for the flowers. I finished up by adding the dots in a half-moon circle and ended up LOVING the final product. It's such a fun mani!

9. Dressed Up Digits: The Digital Dozen does Floral - All the Cool Kids Are Doing It
Laurie is another stamper of the group and holy wow does she know what she's doing! I'm always so impressed by her ability to layer and pair different plates together. She makes it all look so effortless. On top; of that, can we all just take a moment to be jealous of her insanely amazing naturally long nail beds?!...okay, yay!

So as I said, Laurie is a stamper and some of her manis are downright intimidating to consider free handing so I was browsing her DD library for something on the simpler side of things and came across this Floral look. Isn't it so striking and beautiful!?

For my mani, I used a base of Zoya's Desiree and the used a striping brush and detailing brush to create the abstract flowers on the middle fingers. Then, with a dotting tool, I dotted the cool swirls onto the index and pinky finger. And of course, since the cool kids all do it, added a matte top coat ;)

10. Sassy Shelly: The Digital Dozen does the Terrific Twos - Cotton
Finally, Shelly! Another lady with flawless nail beds and a knack for creating creative and beautiful manis, Shelly's amazingly inspired cotton mani has long been a favorite of mine. I mean, look how adorable this is!! She's always busting out cool stuff like this ;)

For my mani, I used a base of OPI's My Vampire is Buff and then painted the base colors of each patch in acrylic paints. With a detailing brush, I went back in to add the details to each patch - dots, stripes, and stitch marks. I love how this turned out!!

Once again, I find myself in awe of my talented peers. They rock, don't they? Be sure to check out the inlinkz below to see what everyone else did for today's manis and let me know which is your favorite!

Happy Polishing :)