Friday, September 18, 2015

Polished for Days - Fall Days Collection: Swatches, Review & Nail Art

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Hello, all! It's been a whirlwind of a week around here but I have one final post for you to get excited for! One of my fave indies, Polished for Days, is releasing a new Fall Days collection! I've really enjoyed all the past polishes I've gotten the chance to try and review and so I was thrilled to get to try these out as well. I just love how this collection looks together as a whole!

Goodnight Moon is a blackened (almost black) brown plum creme that screams fall. It's such a gorgeous vampy shade and it might be hard to tell in the photos, but in person there is purple undertone. Shown is 2 effortless coats.

I wanted to come up with something cute that went along with the name (Goodnight Moon just sounds so cool!), but I got stumped so I ended up doing some fall leaves instead using some acrylic paints. I like how they turned out!

Hoodie Weather is white based creme packed with silver and blue/grey micro glitter and flakies. I love this one! It feels so crisp and like the weather is changing (as the name alludes), yet it will work well year round I'd say, depending on how you wear it. This was on the thicker side which is normal for micro glitters like this, but it was practically opaque in the first coat so it wasn't an issue for me at all. Shown is 2 coats.

Okay, so get imaginative with me for a minute on this next nail art know on a hoodie sweatshirt, you have the neck hole and then the two pull strings that hang down from that? Well, this is an abstract representation of that!

Leaf it to Me is a champagne toned holographic and flakie micro glitter polish in a clear base. It's super dense which I love (I'm not a huge fan of polishes that don't reach opacity easily), and it applied really easily. It's so sparkly and pretty!! Shown is 2 coats.

Glitters like these can be tricky to do nail art over and I really wasn't sure if I could make something happen with the end though, I ended up doing a simple dotted gradient...sort of like leaves falling from the trees.

Pick of the Patch is a dark purple micro glitter in a purple base and I'm pretty impressed by it. Not only is it a lovely color and glitter combo, but it's also pretty much opaque in one coat. Yep! However, I have shown it with 2 to add a little more dimension. *drool*

Now, I personally really love contrasting colors paired together so I was inspired by the polish name and decided to paint an aerial of a pumpkin patch! See the little pumpkins and their vines!? :D

White Chocolate Mocha is a grey creme with a subtle silver blue shimmer that feels like a rainy fall day. So I of course like it! This was on the thicker side, but once again, pretty much opaque in one coat (though I've shown 2) so I can't complain because the finished polish isn't thick on the nail.

I did the opposite of what I normally do for this nail art look. Usually I use the polish I swatched as the base, but I switched things up and did a teal to blue/grey gradient base and dry brushed WCM over it to create a sort of grungy effect.

Fall-ing In Love is the final shade of the collection and is a darkened magenta jelly with square, hex, and mirco glitters mixed in. I really love this one. Once again, a very "fall" shade yet wearable whenever you'd like. The formula was really nice and shown is 2 coats, though 1 was nearly there!

And the final nail art look...since I can't seem to go without doing a floral look :P I did a fall flower - sunflowers!

Overall, I am once again smitten with Polished for Days. I love the look of this collection as a whole and think it's just so lovely for this time of year. You can purchase these starting today at 11am PST from the Polished for Days shop so don't miss out on your favorites!...that's in just a few short hours so get on it ;)

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What do you think of these? Enjoying any shade in particular? Let me know :)