Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Digital Dozen does Recreation Week - Day 2: 2012 Ladies, Part 2

nothing to disclose 

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Hope your Monday wasn't too tough on you...and hope you enjoyed the first day of Digital Dozen week! I have the next set of manis to share with you today, this time inspired by two other ladies who also joined the group in late 2012:
Though they weren't quite founding members, they have been around with the group for as long as I've followed the DD. Because each of them have a massive catalogue of work with the group, I decided to try and keep my picks from DD challenges I've been around for...so let's take a look!  

6. Adventures in Acetone: The Digital Dozen does Floral, Day 1: Water Lily Nail Art!
For those who already follow Jacki, you'll know she has the ability to come up with some insanely creative and beautiful manis that constantly wow. One look in particular that has stuck firmly in my mind is her needle marble water lily look from Digital Dozen does Floral week. Yes, 'obsessed' is the correct way to describe my feelings for this mani.

One of my favorite parts of Jacki's mani is the color palette that she chose...but unfortunately when I attempted something similar, it ended up a muddled mess :( so, I ended up going with something a bit brighter. I used China Glaze's Boho Blues, OPI's I Saw...U Saw...We Saw...Warsaw, and Ginger + Liz's Chase me to create the swirled water base. Then used various green and pink acrylic paints for the water lilies. While mine is different than the original, I'm still really pleased with how it turned out!

7. Canadian Nail Fanatic: Digital Dozen does Nature; Day 1
Tammy is a stamping machine. Each DD week I am awed by her ability to combine various stamping images to create one cohesive and beautiful look. My absolute favorite thing about her blog though, is that for every mani, she takes pictures of her steps and explains in detail what she did. I love watching her process and seeing the picture come to life.

Because a lot of Tammy's stuff is very detailed and impossible to freehand, I kept coming back to this mani as a possible recreation. While these are stamped images, they're relatively simple and felt more doable than some other looks...It also happens to be a fave of mine from her!

I started with a base of OPI's My Boyfriend Scales Walls (I used this A LOT this week), then painted the line work of the mountains using my detail brush and black acrylic paints. I followed that up with two types of green in the mountains as well as the blue in the sky. The bits I sort of failed at though were the bears on the ring finger, and the birds on the middle finger :/ but oh well! I still love how this looks.

So that's it for Day 2 - just two manis...but don't fear, we still have 10 more looks through the rest of the week! Aren't you excited!? I am ;)

Be sure to check out the inlinkz below to see what the other ladies have done for today!