Sunday, December 14, 2014

Powder Perfect - Mysterium Magnum: Swatches & Review

Hello, all! Today I have some beautiful polishes to share with you from Powder Perfect! I've been drooling over Jacinta's polishes for so long so I'm beyond thrilled to get to try these stunners from the new Mysterium Magnum collection out and share them with you today. 

This collection was inspired by folklore and the various mythical creatures that make up some of our world's best stories. From the press release: 
 Something within me remembers and cannot forget. 
When legends stalked through the mist on the moor. 
When immortals were within the reach of our fingertips. 
When imagination was as strong as any force in the world. 
When belief outweighed fact.

Leviathan is a navy holographic polish sprinkled with small iridescent hex glitter. I quite like the combination of the smooth holo with the larger glitter, though this is on the thicker side application wise. Regardless, this was easy to apply in 3 coats and shown is with top coat. As the name suggests, this polish is inspired by Leviathan, a giant sea monster that lives in the deepest abyss of the ocean. 

Faerie is a muted fuchsia pink micro glitter inspired by the playful, yet mysterious Fae. This one is a stunner! I love micro-glitters and this one is opaque in just 2 coats. As with most micro-glitters, this was a thicker polish, but still very manageable to work with. 
Lorelei is a beautiful amethyst purple shimmer with teal and pink micro flakes that make for such a stunningly subtle polish. The formula on this one was nice and 3 coats got the job done. 2 coats could work if you were generous with them, but I did 3 thin coats to avoid patching. Lorelei is inspired by the fair maiden who was betrayed by her lover and fell to her death on the rocks of the Rhine River who then lured sailers to their death with her song.
Griffon is a rich eggplant holo with a scattering of green shimmer and purple flakes. The formula was nice and shown is 3 thin coats. This one is inspired by the mighty Griffon, the mythical creature with the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion. 
Melusina is a super squishy teal jelly packed with pink, blue and green (micro to large in size) hex, square, and round glitters (and it's amazing!). This is thick due to the nature of the polish being full of glitter, but it still applied great. I was also worried I might have to fish the glitter out, but there were not problems on that front. Melusina is inspired by the story of the mermaid (though I had never heard the name Melusina) and this polish captures that wonderfully. 
Finally, we have Lycanthrope, inspired by the werwolf! This is a steely purple-grey that shifts to a deep green. It has the added striking effect of a scattered holo and the way this polish shifts in the light really plays well with the inspiration (a shape-shifting creature). Shown is 3 thin and easy coats. Lycanthrope is a limited edition polish. 
Along with the polishes, I have one of Powder Perfect's Organic Orange Cute-icle Balm to share. I really appreciate that this balm is so versatile - it can work as cuticle balm but also as a lip balm. It's all natural and contains sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, and natural vitamin e. I liked that this wasn't super greasy on application because I'm hyper conscious of sticky/oily stuff on my hands.
This entire collection will be launching at 9am QLD time on December 15th (3pm on 12/14 here in California) from Powder Perfect's site ranging from $10-$12/bottle. While it is currently only available for those lucky ladies in Australia, Powder Perfect has many stocklists world wide where you can hopefully grab this set for yourself soon as well. Click here to see where you can purchase Powder Perfect in your area. 

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What do you think of this collection? I love the concept and think the execution of it was lovely. I'm definitely happy these shades exist! Which one is your favorite? 

Happy Polishing :)