Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sticky Nails & Pretty Jelly - Sleeping Beauty Stencil & Polish Set Review

Hello, all! Hope everyone in the States is having safe and happy Memorial Day weekend. Today I have a review of some awesome nail stencils and some lovely polishes to share with you! Sticky Nails nail stencils and Pretty Jelly nail lacquer have teamed up to bring us 2 really fun sets inspired by the story of Sleeping Beauty (and the upcoming Maleficent movie)! 

I love this collaboration! Liz and iona have come up with a set inspired by Princess Aurora and a set inspired by Maleficent. One is bright and happy and the other is darker and more sinister and I think these ladies did a great job of capturing the essence of these characters with their polishes and stencils. 

The "I Know You" set is the Maleficent inspired set and is my personal favorite of these two because it feels so badass ;) The Pretty Jelly polish is a deep steely grey green holo and it is fantastic in person. The color feels so spot on to me as Maleficent! Can't you picture Angelina Jolie rocking this shade in the upcoming movie?? Shown is 2 coats and the formula was excellent. 
The sticky nails portion was also really great for this set! I loved the sinister theme of the stencils and I think they translated really nicely onto the nail. There are a few options to choose from for the stencils, including the Maleficent headdress and the stencils shown here. LOVE that crow! How cool does it look?? 

Though it was a little bit tricky to get some of the stickers off of the sheet, these were super easy to work with. If I were to handpaint this exact mani, it would be a minimum of 30 minutes or so, but this took around 10 all said and done. Definitely a time saver and a frustration reducer! Make sure to follow the instructions provided with the stencils because if you wait for the polish to dry too much, your lines won't come out as clean as you'd like which I encountered in the next mani. 
Once Upon a Dream is a lovely light blue holo and this definitely feels more like Aurora to me. It's bright and happy and feels "good" compared to the dark shade of I Know You. Shown is 3 coats and the formula was once again great. Very easy to work with. 
The sticky nail stencils are also much more ethereal and happy compared to the Maleficent ones. There are briar roses, cute little squirrels, birds, and some fun little scalloped edges...there's even a dress and crown included in these! Lots and lots of options to choose from that feel very much like the character of Aurora. I've shown a few of them over Once Upon a Dream. These stencils in general are super versatile as you can add several layers of polish to create a unique look like with the briar roses. 

One tip for those of you who like to use acrylic paints for nail's probably best to use regular polish for these because acrylic paint will dry too quickly and you'll end up peeling the paint up along with the sticker. 
If you're a Sleeping Beauty fan, you won't want to miss these sets. Even if you're not a fan of the story, the polishes and stencils are really fun on their own and provide a lot of versatility for other manis. 

You can purchases the Maleficent (I Know You) set from the Sticky Nails etsy shop and the Aurora (Once Upon a Dream) set from the Pretty Jelly shop. These sets will be available in limited quantities tomorrow, 5/26 for $18 each. 

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What do you think of these sets? Do you have a favorite?