Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Digital Dozen does Monochrome - Day 2: Mosaic Gradient

Remember how yesterday I had hoped that my work week would be a bit more mellow? Haha, yeah, that didn't happen :( I got home around 7:45pm yesterday and was super drained and not up for nail art. 

For the past two Digital Dozen challenges, I've completed my manis the night before they're due (I know, I know, this is a terrible habit, but I'm a procrastinator!). Unfortunately, my lack of motivation last night means I'm scrambling a bit tonight ;) I'm going to try and do one more look after this so I can have something to share with you all tomorrow for day 3. Ah, the life of a polish addict!

Anyway! Day 2 is an orange monochrome mosaic gradient look! I'm really unsure of how I feel about this look though so I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

 To create this look, I used the same concept as a few of the mosaic-esque looks I've done in the past (like this and this). I started by outlining my triangle and polygonal shapes using OPI's A-piers to be Tan and my trimmed brush that I mentioned yesterday. I went back in with China Glaze's Life Preserver, Julep's Cody and Lime Crime's Peaches Cream (in order from cuticle to tip, respectively) and filled in the shapes I initially created. If there was any coloring outside the lines, I went back with some more APTBT and straightened out my lines.
 As an aside, these were ridiculously difficult to photograph! I feel like my photos always come out too orange or too green and the orange polish just exacerbated that problem. Oh well!
I'm off to attempt another look, but be sure to check out the other ladies in the groups' looks from today (they're pretty awesome!). 

Happy Polishing :)