Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Digital Dozen does Red, Green & Gold - Day 5: Lace

Happy Saturday, Everyone! I'm so sorry that I failed in getting the final day of Digital Dozen week completed on time. But, better late than never! As I've mentioned (I think in everyone post this week...haha) I struggled majorly with this theme. I actually tried to do something on Thursday and Friday night after work but I wound up spending some time relaxing with the boyfriend instead which was really great. 

So, for my final look, I actually ended up scrapping the red from my mani all together and chose instead to use just green and gold...though I am holding a red bottle in some of my pictures so you still get the feel for the theme ;) After several failed attempts through out the day, I finally ended up with this simple lace look. The fabulous Missy over at Gnarly Nails also did a lace look for this week's challenge :)
This is a fairly simple look to create and only took me about 10 minutes once I finally figured out what the heck I wanted to do. I used China Glaze's Exotic Encounters as my green base (even though this is more of a teal, I think it still falls in the green family and looks really nice with the gold and red). With my Leow Cornell 18/0 Script brush and Essie's Good as Gold, I added in the lace. 
I started with one thing half-moon of the gold, then added in the scallops along the bottom of it. I finished if off with the dots inside the half-moon and extending off of the scallops. 
When I start a design, I will typically begin on my thumb and use that as my practice nail. Sometimes the practice nail doesn't go over so well and I'll change my direction when I begin on my index finger (usually if I don't show my thumb in photos it's because I was too lazy to redo the practice nail ;) ). For today's case, I did actually like how my thumb design looked, but I wasn't so sure it would work on the rest of my nails so I changed things up. I sort of wish I hadn't though - what do you think? 
I know these are super simple, but I think they're fun and festive and I would totally wear them for a party. 
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