Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Bright Fair Isle

Merry Merry Christmas!! And if you don't celebrate, it's just a wonderful excuse to be with family and friends :) 

I've got another fair isle print look to share with you all today. I'm sure you can all tell by now that I tend to obsess over certain patterns and prints for awhile and will do them over and over agin until I get sick of them (I tend to do the same with music)! 
I also love my unconventional color combos so for today I decided to go with a bold green (China Glaze's Def Defying), a creme (OPI's My Vampire is Buff) and a black (acrylic). 
While I used my usual detail brush (Loew Cornell 18/0 Script), I also trimmed down an old brush to only a few bristles in hopes of getting finer details. I'll have to practice a bit more with it, but I think I made a fair attempt for my first try with it. 
Hopefully you're not tired of this print yet ;) 
Happy Polishing :)