Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Hunt for fun new patterns

I've mentioned this before, but I often turn to fabric patterns when I'm lacking inspiration for my nail art. I was recently introduced to a website called "The Hunt," where people can post images of things they can't find on their own, and ask the community to help them hunt it down. It's a really fun and unique concept and I ended up browsing their site for awhile. 

I ended up finding this super chic outfit on the site and became obsessed. I found the actual product and I just love everything about it. I could never in a million years pull of leather pants, but I can't get enough of this look. 

The shirt pattern was so amazing that I decided to give recreating it a go. While the site claims this is a "plaid" pattern, I think it looks more kaleidoscope-esque than anything. I would love to come up with a way to create this look easily, but for today, I ended up hand painting and blending this pattern. 

 I think I was so enamored with the fabric because of those amazing colors - even though I didn't have the right turquoise to match that in the shirt. This was a China Glaze heavy mani, with 4 of my 5 polishes coming from them. 

Turquoise - CG For Audrey
Blue - CG First Mate
Purple - CG Purr-fect Plum
Tan - CG Kalahari Kiss
Orange - Zoya Arizona
These are definitely kind of funky, but I'm really how with how they turned out. Happy Polishing! :)