Tuesday, July 16, 2013

31 Day Nail Art Challenge - Day 2: Orange Nails

Oh boy, am I sleepy! This new job is already kicking my butt! Is it Friday yet??

I did manage to get the next theme in the 31 Day Challenge done though! But I must say that I struggled with this one! While I really love burnt orange, especially in polish form, I struggled with coming up with something for this. I literally painted 3 different base colors for 3 different concepts on Sunday night and just couldn't make it happen. I jumped between orange daisies, damask print, and shudder fruits or vegetables. Needless to say, I abandoned my Sunday night attempts.

Fast forward up to tonight - I wasn't able to get started on my nail art as easy as I would have wanted after work so I was starting to worry about getting my work done. I decided to turn to my trusty friend google and search for famous "orange" paintings and came across the work of Mark Rothko. For those who don't know, Rothko is famous for the abstract expressionist style of his simple, yet bold pieces. They really spoke to me and I knew immediately that I wanted to recreate a bunch of his paintings. 

 Now, before you tell me that these aren't orange nails, please note how a majority of the color is orange ;) I hope that isn't cheating! I tried to choose paintings that were mostly orange, but I also wanted to add some variety and excitement and threw in some purples, blues, and reds. 
Here are the paintings I found inspiration from (in a totally random order because blogger HATES ME): 
Index Finger
Middle Finger
Ring Finger
I'm happy with my simple semi-orange mani and I hope you like it as well! :)

Happy Polishing :)