Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Gradient and some free hand stripes!

On Sunday I had a friend tell me that they would love to see pink and blue together in nail art so I decided to create a gradient using the two colors! Well, if you'll remember your kindergarden lessons of how colors work, when you blend red (or in my case pink) and blue together, you get purple! Oh Lindsey, sometimes your brain doesn't work, does it? 

Despite my gradient turning more into a pink to purple gradient, I like how these turned out. As a friend put it, they are FIERCE! ;) I added a matte top coat for good measure as well. 

I also got the inkling to create a quick tutorial (I also put together one for how I do my gradients but I am undecided on whether or not I'll post it since I feel like so many people have great gradient tutorials already. Besides, I'm crap at explaining things!). You'll need a striping brush or nail art pen (which, lets face it, is still a brush...I don't know why they call them pens -_-) and base color completely dry. I suppose these could potentially look cool if you chose to do nude nails underneath the black ;) 
 1. Create a 'V' at the end of your finger, making sure that the point of the 'V' is at the very middle of your finger. 
2. Create a smaller 'V' just inside the larger 'V'.
3. Paint a straight line down the middle of your finger and stopping once you reach the middle of your nail (the point of the 'V').
4. Add additional stripes equidistant and parallel to the first straight lines you made. 
5. Finally, add your favorite top coat (or matte top coat) to complete the look! 
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Happy Polishing! :)