Monday, March 4, 2013

March Nail Art Challenge - Day 2: Stripes

Today marks the start of the next theme in the March Nail Art Challenge! Stripes is the theme and boy do I love me some stripes :) I was a bit impatient tonight, so rather than wait for my base color to dry, I went ahead and did my stripes free hand. My inspiration came from what I was wearing tonight, actually. I have a cute striped skirt in this navy and tan, and then I was wearing a plain what t-shirt with it. Pretty literal interpretation ;) 

I used a striper for this and about pulled my hair out in frustration when my lines weren't perfect. I used OPI's My Boyfriend Scales Walls (big surprise) as my base, Zoya's Natty is the navy and Zoya's Jacqueline is the tan/light yellow. Overall, I think it's a simple and classy look that is a bit on the nautical side. 

Stayed tuned for the 7th when I will likely tackle gradients! 
Happy Polishing :)