Friday, January 29, 2016

Powder Perfect - Insomnia Trio + Widow's Watch

press sample

Hi, all! I have swatches of some lovely new Powder Perfect polishes to share! There is both the lovely Insomnia Trio as well as a rebooted polish from a few years back.

For those who are just checking out Powder Perfect for the first time, all of their polishes are 5 free and they're based out of Australia...and good news for US ladies as they've just launched their US site so it's even easier to get your nails on these :)

Let's take a look!

Widow's Watch is a plum purple holographic polish inspired by the parapet walk that graced Victorian era mansions where women would look out to see, waiting for their husbands to return. This is a rebooted version of Widow's Walk from Powder Perfect's Abandoned Mansion Collection that was released February of 2014. Great formula and shown is just 2 easy coats.

Next we'll take a look at the Insomnia Trio!

Thinking of You is a sunrise pink holographic polish with a magenta shimmer throughout. I love the almost neon look that this one has and it will be perfect for February and then spring and summer as well. Once again, great formula and shown is 2 coats.

Late at Night is a lush emerald green micro-shimmer and is absolutely beautiful. Such a striking green! Lovely formula and super easy application. Shown is 2 coats but it was almost a one-coater!

I Can't Sleep is a brilliant orchid purple crelly that has an almost latex finish to it. It was slightly sheer on the first coat, but the second and third made it completely opaque. This is a really fun shade and I'm excited to wear it in the spring!

Lastly, Powder Perfect has released a new strengthening base coat called the Flawless Fortifying Base Coat. From Powder Perfect:

Our Flawless Fortifying Base Coat is a nail strengthener that fortifies the nail bed using micro-diamond particles. These diamond particles help to reinforce the existing keratin structure of the nail, promoting nail plate growth & repelling water. The Flawless Fortifying Base Coat also helps to prolong the wear of your manicure. Results can be expected after 4 weeks of use. Our Flawless Fortifying Base Coat can be worn two ways; 
  • Apply as your regular base coat 2-3 times per week & wear under your nail polish colour.
  • Apply regularly for two weeks, then remove for 5 days, repeating as necessary.
I haven't had a chance to wear this as long as I'd like to, but so far it seems promising. Unlike other strengthening base coats I've encountered, this one is pretty mellow in terms of scent. Most are very pungent and the smell will sometimes bother me even after the base coat as been dry for some time. So I appreciate that this one is mild in scent. 

Overall, I once again love what Jacinta has created. Always great formulas and beautiful polishes that you really can't go wrong with. 

You can purchase any of these polishes from the Australia site (, the US site (, or check out the other stocklists (here) to find your bottles :) 

Be sure to follow Powder Perfect on your favorite Social Media site to stay up to date with their latest collection and promotions! 

Happy Polishing :)