Thursday, January 7, 2016

Powder Perfect - The Castle Collection: Swatches

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Hello, hello! I hope everyone had a safe and happy Holiday season! I know I was insanely busy and I'm trying to find my groove again when it comes to managing all my day to day responsibilities. But! Exciting post today as I have a beautiful collection by Powder Perfect to share with you all!

I noticed, first, the dust motes dancing in the light as I walked through what must have been the library.The carpets had begun to fade and ebb away, and items were strewn about as thought the last occupants had fled at but a moment’s notice. I found a discarded wax seal on the desk – emblazoned with the family’s crest. A once glorious family, the owners of this house had now faded from local recollection. All that remained was the crumbling shell of their grand home.

Now, Powder Perfect is an Australian based brand which meant for those of us international fans had to buy through stocklists in order to purchase PP shades. However, Powder Perfect is launching their very own US based shop starting tomorrow, January 8th (note, these polishes won't be listed on the site until tomorrow)! This new collection will be available to purchase through this site if you're US based which is very cool, though you can of course continue to purchase through the stocklists or Powder Perfect's site. 

So let's take a look at The Castle Collection

Recollection is a pale nude creme that finds the a great balance between warm and neutral tones. This is my first experience with Powder Perfect's cremes and I have to say I am impressed! For a light shade like this one might expect to have to apply 3-4 coats, but this was practically opaque in one coat (though shown is 2).

Once Glorious is a delicate pastel lavender creme so of course I absolutely love it! Once again, great formula on this creme - super smooth application and perfectly self-leveling. Shown is 2 coats.

Library Dust is a dusty periwinkle blue creme that is incredibly flattering on the nail. The perfect formula of these cremes continues in this shade, smoothing itself out and reaching full opacity in just one coat! However, due to my aversion to just do one coat, I've shown two here.

Gilded Beauty is a soft coppery gold metallic polish with beautiful opacity. You could almost get away with one coat, but I chose to do two so that the ridges of my nails wouldn't show. This will probably leave some brush strokes due to the nature of the metallic finish, but the formula is really great so it not too big an issue.

Crenellations is a charcoal grey creme that seems to lean slightly slate blue in certain light. Again, I am completely in awe of how great the formula is on these cremes. This one is pretty much a one coater but I've shown 2 for good measure. It's a really lovely shade.

Finally, Family Crest is a wine red creme with a pink shimmer throughout. While there may be a few shades similar to this out there, you probably won't find such a great formula. Again, such a smooth and easy application! Can't ask for more than that. Shown is 3 easy coats.

All around, another really solid and beautiful collection from Powder Perfect. Each shade stands on it's own well, while also working really nicely together as a collection. Those creme though have me swooning! So in love with them!

You can purchase The Castle Collection and many other Powder Perfect polishes from their new US based site,, or head to their Aussie site ( to see what you might want to add to your polish stash.

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Happy Polishing! :)