Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Glam Polish - Halloween Trio: Swatches & Review

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Hello, Hello! How did you all fair through Wednesday? I'm happy we're halfway through the week! I also am in shock that tomorrow marks the start of October!? When the heck did that happen? But, October is the start of my three favorite months! So much inspiration and exciting family time happen during these months and I'm so stoked to bring you tons of awesome new nail art and reviews.

Today I have 3 stunners to share from Glam Polish - their Limited Edition Halloween Trio! These 3 polishes will be releasing October 2nd and if ever you wanted to try Glam, I'd say now is a good time :) Let's take a look!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Color Me Monthly - Nail Polish Subscriptions Box: Swatches, Review & Nail Art

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Happy Tuesday, everyone! Hope your week is going well :)

I have a fun nail polish subscription box to share with you all today called Color Me Monthly. This is a "new to me" brand so I was excited to try out a few of their polishes and see what they're all about.

CCM was started by sisters Meghann and Caitlin with the mission to create affordable, yet environmentally responsible (as in 5-free and animal cruelty free!) nail polish. Each month, the duo curates one polish for the box's subscribers at a very affordable $7/box (with shipping included). The colors are a surprise which I LOVE! It gives you a great chance to step out of your comfort zone with shades you might not normally pick for yourself. What I find really cool about their box is that you're actually able to purchase past polishes from their "vault" of colors (most subscription boxes I know of don't seem to offer that!), so if you ever miss a month or just really like one (or several) of their past polishes, you can snag one there.

I have swatches of the July, August, & September polishes to share so let's take a look!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Mischo Beauty - Fall 2015, She Who Dares Collection: Swatches & Review

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Hello, all! I hope you are having the best possible Monday imaginable! I've got swatches of the new Fall collection by Mischo Beauty called She Who Dares. The collection is a homage to the fierce and extraordinary part of each and every woman...I just love that concept, don't you?

I've reviewed Mischo polishes in the past and was impressed with their formula and styling and I'm also really liking these new jewel tones shades for fall. They're rich and dark, perfect for the changing season. Let's dig in!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Delush Polish - Dames of Thrones Collection: Swatches, Review & Nail Art

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Happy happy FriYAY! Are you guys as excited about this as I am? I can't believe yet another week is behind us...but a new Friday means that the latest Delush Polish collection is available! The Dames of Thrones collection (inspired by the power women of Game of Thrones) released today at 12pm EST and it's such a spot of collection.

Many of the polishes feature (what I think is) the signature Delush round glitters and each shade is a lovely combination of base color and glitter. I'm also a huge fan of Game of Thrones so it was really fun going through this collection and really seeing the women of the show conveyed through a nail polish!

Let's get to it!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Top Shelf Lacquer - Margarita Time: Swatches, Review & Nail Art

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Hello, all! Hope your Thursday is going well - it's almost Friday! Yay! I have a new to me indie to share with you today and I'm pretty excited about it! This is the Margarita Time collection from Top Shelf Lacquer who creates polishes inspired by one of my favorite beverages ;)

Let's get to it and see what this collection holds, shall we?

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Powder Perfect - Quest for Paradise: Swatches, Review & Nail Art

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Hello, all! I have a set of beautiful new polishes from on of my favorite brands, Powder Perfect, to share with you all today! Jacinta of Powder Perfect always creates such whimsical and stunning collections and this new Quest for Paradise collection is no different.

Sail the seven seas & search for your polish pardise...

Let's dig in and check out this eye-gasm of a collection ;)

Friday, September 18, 2015

Polished for Days - Fall Days Collection: Swatches, Review & Nail Art

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Hello, all! It's been a whirlwind of a week around here but I have one final post for you to get excited for! One of my fave indies, Polished for Days, is releasing a new Fall Days collection! I've really enjoyed all the past polishes I've gotten the chance to try and review and so I was thrilled to get to try these out as well. I just love how this collection looks together as a whole!

The Digital Dozen does Recreation Week - Day 5: 2015 Ladies

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Wowza! Can you believe that we've made it to the end of the week!? I'm so thrilled to finally be here but I might actually almost miss it now...just kidding ;) This whole week was a ton of work and lots of planning on my part, though I had a blast doing it so I'm really not complaining!

I have the final group of ladies who joined up this year, 2015. Yet another group of skilled nail artists to call our own.

Amanda from Lady Maid Nails
Ashley from Ashley is Polished Addicted
Amber from Nails Like Lace
Serene from Copy Cat Claws

Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Digital Dozen does Recreation Week - Day 4: 2014 Ladies

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Oh man, are you guys excited for Day 4 of Digital Dozen Recreations week!? I am ;) I have 3 ladies that joined up with the group in 2014 and made awesome additions to our talented brood.

Sheila from Pointless Cafe
Hannah from The Dalai Lama's Nails
Victoria from Vic and Her Nails

Let's jump right in! :D

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Digital Dozen does Recreation Week - Day 3: 2013 Ladies

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Hello, all! We're continuing right along with the next day of Digital Dozen does Recreations week and I have some manis from the 3 ladies still in the group who joined up in 2013! As the years go on, all of our priorities and interests change so it's only natural that a group like ours will have members coming and going.

Today, I have recreations from 3 talented ladies:

Emily from The Lacquerologist
Laurie from Dressed Up Digits
Shelly from Sassy Shelly

Let's take a look! :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

KBShimmer - Fall 2015: Swatches, Review & Nail Art

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Hello, again! I've got a special double post for today seeing as the fantastic KBShimmer is releasing their beautiful Fall 2015 collection today! KBS is one of those brands that has been around forever yet still manages to stay fresh and on trend. Their formulas are always so easy to work with and their polishes are stunning. You really can't ask for more from a brand.

For Fall, there are 4 cremes and 8 glitter shades for a total of 12 beauties. I have 2 of the cremes and 4 of the glitters to share with you today as well as a couple nail art looks that I'm loving so let's dig in!

The Digital Dozen does Recreation Week - Day 2: 2012 Ladies, Part 2

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Happy Tuesday, everyone! Hope your Monday wasn't too tough on you...and hope you enjoyed the first day of Digital Dozen week! I have the next set of manis to share with you today, this time inspired by two other ladies who also joined the group in late 2012:
Though they weren't quite founding members, they have been around with the group for as long as I've followed the DD. Because each of them have a massive catalogue of work with the group, I decided to try and keep my picks from DD challenges I've been around let's take a look!  

Monday, September 14, 2015

The Digital Dozen does Recreation Week - Day 1: 2012 Ladies, Part 1

Hello, all! I know that I have yet again been missing in action this month, but I've been busy getting ready for an epic Digital Dozen week! This month marks the group's 3rd anniversary and to celebrate, the ladies in the group are all recreating manis of our fellow DD members to showcase the talent and creativity of every member. 

Because I'm terrible at making decisions, I got the harebrained idea to try and recreate one mani from every current member of The Digital Dozen...crazy, I know! But I'm such a fan of all these women and I just couldn't help myself! So, for this week, you'll be seeing 17 recreations - one mani from each member! Yay!!...but oh my gosh, so much work! 

To keep things somewhat organized this week, I've decided to post in order of when groups of ladies added their talent to the DD - 2012 (part 1 & 2), 2013, 2014, & 2015. The Digital Dozen started in September of 2012 and while there are only a handful of the original founding members, they're still kicking butt each month:
Because of how much content there is, these will be longer posts, but if you're not up for reading, there will be plenty of picture to stare at as well :) 

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Cirque Colors - Metropolis Collection, June: Swatches & Review

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So this is a bit of a goof on my read the title correct, these are the Cirque Colors Metropolis polishes from June and I completely failed at posting them! I had the photos and the post typed up and then somehow managed to not publish it in the midst of everything. I feel terribly about it! But, the good news is that you can still purchase these stunners from the Cirque Shop as well as the new releases for the Metropolis collection coming out this month!

Let's check them out!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Glam Polish - Darkly Dreaming: Swatches, Review & Nail Art

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Well hello, hello! Long time, no blog! I can't believe it's been so long since I last absence is due to some "Summer" cleaning. It's like Spring cleaning, but it's for us procrastinators who can't get their act together until several months later :-P I have basically spent the last 3ish weeks decluttering and organizing my home while also figuring out new layouts and buying new furniture, plants, and decorations. Basically, I've done a mini overhaul of my house and finally found places for all those little things I've been putting off since we moved in and I am LOVING being in my house!

Anyway! Back to the post at hand! Today I have some striking new Glam Polish shades to share today! Glam's Darkly Dreaming collection is inspired by one of my favorite TV shows, Dexter. Rachel has done executed such a great take on this TV show! I love the vibrant and rich hues and think it's great for a brooding and mysterious serial killer ;)
glam polish darkly dreaming
I did break my ring finger nail pretty badly last week so that's the reason for the shorties but I'm finding it pretty cleansing to have my nails shorter.