Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Themed Thursday - December 6th, Chanukah

nothing to disclose 

Hello, all! I've got a super short and sweet post to share with you today! I'm playing a bit of catch up because I was under the weather over the weekend and wasn't able to post my special edition Sunday Themed Thursday post.

Sunday was the first day of Hanukah so it felt only right to do a Chanukah inspired mani as one of our challenge prompts!

This mani is actually a recreation of a mani I create for Salon Perfect! You can check out my original mani here...I just loved the look so much and had to recreate it!

I did a reciprocal gradient with the Star of David to create this look. I started with a blue to white gradient with Salon Perfect's Sugar Cube and Indigo-go. When that was dry, I taped the Star of David shape over that with striping tape. Then, I did one more gradient over that, this time in the opposite direction. And, to make it even more special, I did a top coat of their holo top coat.

Overall, I'm a huge fan of this look! But I'd love to hear your thoughts on it! Do you celebrate Chanukah? Would you recreate this look? Let me know :) And remember to check out the #themedthursdaydec tag to see what everyone has created for this month's special edition challenge!

Happy Polishing!