Monday, December 21, 2015

Themed Thursday - December 17: Santa Claus & Friends

nothing to disclose 

Hi Guys! Another short and sweet post because I am exhausted! I've been so busy but I've got a bunch of Themed Thursday posts coming your way as well as a few more reviews so let's dig in! :D

So this Themed Thursday post is actually meant for last Thursday, December 17th but I was super busy and just emotionally drained so the idea of doing nail art was just...bleh! Not going to happen! Anyhow - I am SO excited about how today's manicure turned out! The theme for the 17th was Santa and Friends so I of course had to paint Santa and his Reindeer!

I am absolutely in love with how cute the Reindeer turned out and I'm pretty excited about Santa as well because I think this take is different on how he is painted.

I also did a tutorial for both the Reindeer and Santa which you can check out below!

I used a base of Aliquid Lacquer's Cough As Much As You Choose which I felt was perfect for this as it kind of looks like the sparkling of fresh snow behind them!? Maybe? ;)

The rest of the manicure was done using acrylic paints, but it is definitely doable with regular polish. I would recommend using craft acrylic paints for the outlines since it's smoother and easier to work with.

So, one thing I almost always do is use my thumb for practice. Sometimes you'll see it in photos and other times it hides. I did my first Rudolph on my thumb and loved him so I moved forward with the rest...but I did have two Rudolph's vying for Santa's love for a bit there ;)

So, what do you think? Want to give a Reindeer a try? Or maybe Santa? Let me know! :)

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Happy Polishing :)