Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Reverie Nail Lacquer - Swatches & Review

Press Sample

Hello, all! To say that the last few months have been busy is an understatement. So much has been going on and I've been dealing with a super crazy work schedule on top of all of it. I've been out of town a ton the last two months and haven't had a chance to get posts up like I've been wanting to. With the new year finally here, I'm excited to get back on track with everything and share with you all the goodies I've been meaning to post.

Today, I have 3 beautiful shades from the new to me brand, Reverie Nail Lacquer! These 3 polishes are from the Winter 2014 collection, but all of they could easily be worn year round as the colors are not overtly winter/holiday.

First Snow is a limited edition bluish-purple jelly packed with small to medium round glitters and star and snowflake glitters. It's really a stunning effect and I am really in love with the look of this polish. This polish did require some patience though. Because of the jelly nature of the polish, you need to be careful to use thin coats with some dry time between coats or you'll end up with a polish that takes forever to dry all the way through. Shown is 3 generous coats with top coat.

Christmas Cactus is so incredibly unique to me. It's a deep, hunter green with micro flakies mixed in. The flakies shift from gold to purple/red and it's really lovely. While the name is holiday themed, I would wear this shade year round. The formula on this one was nice and shown is 3 thin coats.

Stardust is a squishy blue based jelly that is packed with blue and yellow glitters of various shapes and sizes. This one reminds me van Gogh's Starry Night and it's quite fun. This one has a similar application to First Snow and requires some patience to make sure it dries. Shown is 3 generous coats.

And, as I really love the Reverie logo, I figured I'd give painting it a shot...but I'm afraid my painting doesn't do the actual logos neat elegance justice. Regardless, I figured I'd show you anyway :)

Overall, I enjoy these polishes and I especially like First Snow and Christmas Cactus. You can grab these polishes now from the Reverie Etsy shop (mini and full size bottles available!) and be sure to follow Reverie on your favorite social media site to stay up to date with the latest collection and promotions!

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Are any of these polishes striking your fancy? They're definitely fun and glitter packed polishes so don't miss out if that's your style :)

Happy Polishing!