Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Barielle Summer Keys Collection - Swatches, Review, Nail Art & Tutorial

Hello, all! I've got swatches and a quick review of the new Barielle Summer Keys collection to share with you tonight! As a bonus, I've also done some nail art and a tutorial as well because I like you guys!

These are some bright shades that scream summer, but could easily be wearable year round (always love a collection like that!). Overall, the formula on these was great - I had no problems with application and all the shades need 3 coats tops - which I'm coming to expect from Barielle. I also love that these polishes are big 5-Free! Two of the shades in this collection were very similar, but I think this is a nice set of polishes to help round out your collection. Read on for individual swatches and reviews!

Panama Pina Colada
PPC is a bright yellow creme that is one of my new favorite yellow shades. Even though it's bright, it's still a soft yellow and very wearable. The formula on this was nice, only 2-3 coats, and no streaking or thickness that you sometimes see with light colored cremes. 

Miami Heat
Miami Heat is a somewhat sheer red jelly. In my lighting, it almost looks like a tomato red with some slight orange undertones which makes it a bit more unique than your classic red. The formula on this was nice and I've shown it with 3 coats. It dried to a nice shine without a top coat, but I've used one for these photos.

Hawaiian Sunset
This is a bright burnt orange (how those two words work together is beyond me, but that's what it is, I promise!) with a nice shimmer to add a little extra something. Again, easy enough formula to work with and definitely an eye catcher. Shown is 2 coats. 

Topless in St Tropez
This is a soft rosy pink creme with a subtle shimmer and a good formula. Shown is 3 coats for good measure, though I probably could have gotten away with 2.

Paradise in the Tropics
I was pleasantly surprised by Paradise. While Barielle states it's a "deep fuchsia" but it has a very dusty feel to it and I really like that. I'm a sucker for dusty shades! This was 2 coats and has a great formula. 

Barefoot in Bermuda
No, you're not crazy, this is in fact a different polish from the Paradise in the Tropics just above. This is a more of a hot pink shade than PitT, but they are REALLY similar. So much so that I quadruple checked about four times that I was editing the right photo...that being said, it's a really pretty shade, a little more clear in color than PitT and had a great formula yet again. I've got a comparison shot of these two just below. 
And! Because I love you all so much, I've got a quick little tutorial to share that used the Keys collection, as well as a few other Barielle shades. 
1. Paint your nails with Barielle's Almondine and let dry completely. 
2. With Miami Heat, add a few flower like blobs near your cuticles. These are abstract shapes so don't fret to much about them looking perfect. Let your randomness flow! 
3. With either Paradise in the Tropics or Barefoot in Bermuda, repeat step 2, adding more random flower shapes around the previous ones. 
4. Repeat step 2 & 3 using Topless in St. Tropez
5. Use a dotting tool or a thin detail brush to add a few dots of Panama Pina Colada to each of the flower centers. I tried to add 2-3 dots each. 
6. Finally, use Barielle Green Apple to add in leaves around the flowers. This will help pull the whole look together and give your abstract flower blobs life! 

Add your favorite top coat and enjoy :)
You can purchase these shades and more from for $8/bottle and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram for their most recent release! 

Happy Polishing! :)