Sunday, September 29, 2013

31 Day Nail Art Challenge - Day 23: Inspired by a Movie

I think I've known from day one of this challenge that I was going to pick 1 of 2 movies for today's theme - Wall-E or Up. These are probably obvious choices for this part of the challenge, but they are 2 of my favorite movies and I couldn't resist recreating one of them. Fair warning, this is a long and rambling post!

I ended up settling on Wall-E for a few reasons. The first is probably weird, but it stems from the fact that Wall-E has been interpreted into nail art far less than Up has. I wanted to be able to put my own spin on them without too much outside influence...if that makes sense? The other reason was that robots felt much less daunting to paint than cartoon humans - I thought I'd have a better chance at staying true to the look of the characters with Wall-E. Regardless, I just love Wall-E and think it's such a great film and am so happy with how they turned out! 

For those who don't know what Wall-E is about, you can read the plot summary here. My index finger is my attempt at recreating Wall-E himself. He was much more difficult than I was expecting but I don't think he turned out too badly. My ring finger is Wall-E's love interest EVE. She was the easy one to paint! The middle finger shows one of the sweetest moments in the movie where Wall-E holds EVE's "hand." It's depicted adorably in the film. A big part of the film revolves around the fact that there is no longer plant life on Earth, yet during Wall-E's trash pick up duties, he discovers Earth's first plant life in centuries and keeps in safe in an old shoe. My pinky is my (sad) attempt at the shoe and green sprout. 
My thumb shows one of my favorite parts of the movie. Wall-E likes to collect miscellaneous items while he's picking up trash and he keeps them neatly organized in his make-shift home. He especially loves spoons and forks and keeps them organized thumb shows his struggle with organizing when he brings home a spork ;) 
Which cup do you keep it in!? (He ends up setting it down between the two cups).
The base polish is OPI's I Saw...U Saw...We Saw...Warsaw and the rest is done in acrylic paints. Since I was going to be doing very detailed and small work, I thought I'd need the extra control acrylic paint provides over polish. 
What do you think of these? Do you like Wall-E? I know some people don't care for the movie, but I just love it. Do you have a favorite movie you would have done for today's them instead?

Happy Polishing! :)