Sunday, May 5, 2013

Vibrant Aztec Nails

I think one of the best things that can occur while doing any nail art is liking what you're creating the entire way through. Sometimes, I will be indifferent to a look up until I put the top coat and other times I will love it until I put the top coat on. The worst is hating the look the entire way through and instead of changing course, you cross your fingers, hoping that maybe giving it some time and getting used to it will change your mind. But, as I said before, the best kind are the ones you love all the way through. 

And yay! Tonight's mani was just that! I was in love with the color combo immediately and knew I had to create something worthy of them. I got it in my head that I was going to use OPI's My Vampire is Buff as the base, with Julep's Millie and Robin, and Zoya's Maura and Arizona in some type art. I landed on Aztec print because so many of their patterns have bright colors like this. It just felt fitting :) 

I actually ended up trimming down one of my cheap nail art brushes to paint these and I'm really happy with the results my makeshift brush gave. I foresee much more nail art with it! :D

I apologize in advance for how many photos there are! 

I'm slightly obsessed with these colors together... 
What do you think? They're a little out there, but I'm loving the bright colors and I can't stop staring at them so I'm calling it a success!

Happy Polishing :)