Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Carnations

Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful Moms out there! I'm a dog Mama, but I don't know how much that really counts ;) 

I know so many people say this about their own mothers, but really, I have the best Mom in the entire world. She is without a doubt my best friend, my biggest cheerleader, and my rock. She is beautiful and strong,and intelligent  and funny as hell to boot. Seriously proud to call her my mom and I hope that one day I can be half the woman she is. She's fabulous. 

But I digress ;) I wasn't sure which way I wanted to take this mani so I started researching Mother's Day in general. Apparently, in the U.S. it was originally started after the Civil War in an effort to reconnect families that had been divided during the war. One of the main proponents of making Mother's Day a national holiday was Anna Jarvis. Her mother helped establish a "Mother's Friendship Day," but died in 1905 before the celebration became popular. Anna chose the carnation as the flower of Mother's Day because they were her mother's favorite. Later, it became established that white carnations were for mothers who had passed away and red for those still living. 

Look how much we learned! Haha maybe the whole living and dead aspect is a bit morbid, but I decided to roll with the carnation theme and since I am fortunate enough to have my lovely mother around still, I decided to paint red carnations. 

 After I painted these I got a very strong urge to mattify I did!
Which version do you like better? Matte or shiny?

Happy Polishing and Happy Mother's Day <3