Sunday, May 19, 2013

A green thumb equivalent

We all have those things that we are really great at and other things that we just completely fail to grasp the basics of. I know this can be said about me. For instance, I completely fail when it comes to  making a good meal, keeping plants alive, or not being awkward. On the flip side, I'm REALLY good at making terrible meals, killing plants, and being incredibly awkward! See, you've got to find what you're good at and really stick to it! ;) 

All joking aside, I did not get my mother's cooking or gardening gene (I want it though!). Despite my lack of green thumb in the garden, I have been trying to make up for that by painting flowers on my nails instead - at least their killing only involves acetone and cotton balls instead of any neglect on my part ;) 

So for today I've got another flower manicure to share with you all! I found this wonderful pattern from colourlovers and did my take on it. 

I used Julep's Millie for my base color and created the flowers with Julep's Drew (pink) and Zoya's Natalie (orange). I used my thin detail brush and Julep's Sally to add the detail around the petals, and the center of the flower is Julep's Robin. Definitely a Julep heavy manicure, but I really love how this turned out. 
What do you think of my substitute for real flowers? 

Happy Polishing :)